Saturday, March 1, 2014

Sometimes you just can't do it on your own.

Well... The semester ended and I didn't destroy my GPA. And then when I was just about to give up on the hunt for a job in the medical field I got hired by one of the best hospitals in the area! It just goes to show that everything works out in the end!

This week (well the past few weeks) I have allowed my inner procrastinator to really pull one over on me. This week was the last time to take the TEAS test to get into the nursing program at the University here, and I almost blew it. Thanks to others trying to cram in final attempts (everyone one else was going for their second or third times and it was my first) I was able to squeeze into the very last session that they opened up! But last night I was in a panic, and so scared that I would not do well on this test. I could hardly sleep (not a good way to prepare yourself for a major examination), and I was so worried that I would blow my chances of getting into the program by not being prepared enough.

I cannot even tell you how many times I prayed in the last 24 hours, and as far as I'm concerned it worked! I did quite well on it! maybe not as well as I had hoped, but I really think it will be enough! Monday I will turn in my application and then I will have to wait until mid May to find out if I made the cut or not.

All in all I would say that the test wasn't even as difficult as I had imagined and probably could have taken it during the spring semester, but I truly didn't have the time to study for anything other than my classes and it probably is best that I did study a bit (I certainly didn't want to pay the $80 fee more than once unless absolutely necessary.

It's such a frightening thing to have your whole life and future hanging in someone else's hands. But at this point I have done my best and hope that it is enough!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

War Brides

I just finished a book that I have been reading on and off for a few months. Not the books fault I just had other stuff going on and my Kindle wasn't liking the non-Kindle format of PDF... So I would read some of it and start another book or decide that school was far more important (it was!). Now I have finally finished it and I really enjoyed it! There were a few questions or plot points that weren't really tied up in the end, but that kind of came down to the reality of WWII.

War Brides by Helen Bryan is about five women who all meet in a small town in England and get married (the book is called War Brides, so I don't think I'm giving anything away there...) during WWII. It paints a picture of what life was like for women in England during the war, and the strength that they had to have to survive and help others in their community. All five women come from very different backgrounds, including a young woman, Evangeline, from New Orleans who meets and marries a British Naval Officer under some rather interesting circumstances.

I cannot say enough good things about it! I highly recommend it!

I have a rather lengthy list of books that I would like to tackle before I start taking classes again in the fall! Hopefully I can get through them all!

With this book I began reading it without knowing anything about the story, which I prefer and likely why I give so little of the plot away.

Monday, December 16, 2013

What to do now?

What are my plans not that I am taking a mini hiatus from school until I am accepeted into the Nursing program?

1) Prep for and take the nursing programs entrance exam
2) Get a job. I started reworking my resume over the weekend and will be submitting them this week!
3) Clean this house! It really is quite a mess!
4) Get back to some serious dog training. With school taking so much out of me this semester I just have not been spending the time I would like training Klaus. I really want to get him CGC certified, but it's not going to happen with the way he behaves right now. (He's a rather well trained and well behaved dog, but I think his hormones are a bit overwhelming for him at the moment...)
5) Get my butt in shape! Also severely hindered by school.

I know that the Nursing Program will be really challenging and time consuming so if I can get ahead in these areas that have been lacking my attention for the past few months, them maybe I will be able to maintain once it's time for the fall semester to start again.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Because this week wasn't crazy enough

As you may know this week is finals week and I have been running rather low on sleep, but Ivan being the boisterous cat that he is has decided that I need a bit more excitement in my life this week. Or maybe he's just being overly obnoxious since his favorite human is not at home right now (Or because I wouldn't let him cuddle Tuesday night because he smelled like poop and I was too tired to bathe him...)

Tuesday morning, after three hours of sleep, I'm running through my first three Organic Chem tests (really glad that I did since the final was pretty much copy and pasted from the three previous tests, I also wish that I had just studies these tests...) and trying to get ready to leave. But in the living room I hear a ridiculous amount of noise and it sounds like Iva is literally bouncing off the walls. Then I hear Klaus about to vomit in his crate so I rush out of the bed room to get him outside as quickly as possible, but I'm not fest enough and he vomits on the carpet in the living room. At this point I realize that the baby gate in not only knocked over (it usually rests against the wall by the door to the master bedroom for easy access), but about six feet from the wall and broken. I have no clue how one cat could manage such a feat, but Klaus was locked in his crate so there was only one animal out there that could have done it. Also my little Christmas tree was knocked over, thankfully I had yet to find the ornaments for it so it was unharmed. After cleaning up the messes I made it out the door in plenty of time to get to class and I think I did pretty well on my final; I just might pull out a B in Organic!

Wednesday morning, I let a rather rambunctious Klaus in the back yard to play and Ivan decided that he wanted to play in the outdoor room, which he usually waits until after he has been fed, since that is usually his top priority. I went back in my room to start studying for Physics, and after about an hour I decided to let them in and feed them. The first thing I see is that the door from the outdoor room to outside is wide open, but Ivan is just hanging out on the generator (Thank goodness! I guess he figured that running away on an empty belly was not the best option.) Then I decide to feed Klaus first because he is being uncharacteristically rambunctious and excited, but as I fill his bowl in the garage Ivan runs in and hides under my car. I put Klaus in his crate with his food and try to coax Ivan out of the garage with the promise of food, but in the end (after ensuring that he hadn't wiggled his way into my car) I decided to go with the best and fastest way to get a cat out of the garage... I got my keys and stated the engine. Success! Then I fed him and he rubbed his head on my hand like "Oh, thanks! That was all I really wanted." Rotten cat! Truly I'm just thankful that he didn't try to run away or explore to far into the yard, whether it was his incessant hunger or the cold that stopped him...

Thankfully once I was able to come home and relax after my last final on Thursday I had the most well behaved animals! A relaxed human makes for relaxed pets!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Queen Sophie is Coming Back!

It's been almost a year and a half since we moved and Sophie had her seizure, but her little world hasn't really stopped changing! We got Klaus last February and had to maintain their separation, because Klaus was just to little to be trusted with her. Now he listens to commands perfectly (in the house) and Sophie has threatened to maul him on several occasions. But now they have an understanding Sophie will hiss and growl if Klaus gets within sight and will smack him around if he gets within range. And Klaus grumbles at her and hopes that she'll play with him, while running away in fear and completely flipping out if he catches her cuddling with one of his humans. (OH MY GOD! She's going to KILL you and I cannot save you!!!!!) But when Ivan is enjoying his Lizard hunting in the outdoor room and Klaus is barking his head off playing outside, Sophie comes out of the bedroom and graces us with her regal presence. She also likes to pretend that there are no rules for her and therefore it is perfectly acceptable to sleep on the kitchen table...

Last weekend I bought a calm collar to see of that will help her get along with the boys in the house. I haven't noticed much change yet, but we'll see. The packaging says that it could take two weeks. Hey, if it works then great, and if not, at least I tried. It would be nice to have them all relaxing in the living room... Hey a girl can dream!

Monday, December 9, 2013

One of the bast ways to spend the holidays!

About two months prior to Thanksgiving my husband and I decided to hop on to a vacation with my sister and her family. They had been planning to go to Disney World for Thanksgiving for almost a year and when it ended up just them going and my class schedule seemed to work out perfectly, we decided to spend Thanksgiving with them!

My sister decided to not tell her kids, so that it would be a complete surprise and on Wednesday we arrived just in time for our lunch reservation at Le Cellier in Epcot. Tye and I were walking up to the restaurant on the lookout for the kids and luckily we saw them first! I rushed over and grabbed Bug and freaked her out until she realized who I was! It was so great getting to see them! And they were probably a little too excited for some of the other people in the restaurant, but it is Disney... Oh and the food there was the best I had for the entire trip!

We did all four parks including Magic Kingdom on Thanksgiving, which we thought was going to be horrible! But with extra magic hours, fast passes, and some patients we got to ride just about everything we wanted to!

And the best part? My anti-Disney husband actually had a good time! For the two months leading up to the trip I had to keep my excitement in check, because he was sure that he was going to loath and despise every moment in the parks, but he didn't (I figured this would be the case). Now, he did wish that there were more exciting rides (he'd probably like Universal a lot better, and we'll likely go there at some point in the not too distant future), but he did suck it up and ride Winnie the Pooh for Bug and Little Man. The only thing he didn't ride that the rest of us did was It's a Small World, because honestly most adults can only handle so much of that ride and there was no reason to start Magic Kingdom off on a sour note!

My tip for very busy park days: prioritize and limit expectations! We expected wall-to-wall people and ridiculously long lines everywhere, but in the end we tried to hit as many rides as possible during extra magic hours (totally worth staying on grounds for during really busy days) and then prioritized our fast passes. And having kids that can't ride certain rides is kind of a plus, because with rider swap cards my niece was able to ride space mountain 4 times that day with the longest wait being 20 minutes, and she was pretty excited about that.

The only downside to the trip is that I hurt my achilles tendon at some point during the day at Magic Kingdom. On Friday my ankle hurt so bad that I was limping around Animal Kingdom, but the pain eventually subsided and I thought that it was better. But when I woke up on Saturday I realized that this was so not the case when I could hardly bend my foot enough to stand flat on it, which made for a lovely day at Hollywood Studios and an even better ride home (I couldn't even drive my part of the way home because my foot started shaking when I tried to engage the clutch...) But we rode all of the best rides and spent time with my family before they had to head out to catch their plane back to the other side of the country.

We had so much fun, but it would have been even better without injuries that I'm still not quite fully recovered from.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Not a good time to be Ivan

Ivan has a rough little life. He regularly finds his head in the mouth of his much larger, little brother. Sometimes I think that Ivan forgets that Klaus is so much larger than him. It's like he runs up to Klaus and then thinks, "I know I used to be bigger than you... How did you grow so much?!"

We recently had to put both cats on a diet and Sophie pretty much took it in stride, but Ivan was not pleased with the meager amounts of food that he was receiving (and still isn't). He routinely  gets caught eating food out of Klaus and Sophie's dishes. But last weekend he took it to a whole new level by hunting green lizards in our outdoor room. And like any good hunter he eats what he kills...

But then our ravenous little hunter stopped eating and was running a slight fever! So the next morning I dropped Ivan off at the vet where he was poked and prodded and X-rayed (looking for a blockage). It was determined that he has some inflammation in his stomach and likely in his pancreas and small intestine as well. So we were sent home with some pills and a little less cash in my bank account... But the shot (to increase appetite) and other medication seemed to do the trick, because his appetite was pretty close to normal by the next day!

With 5 of us in this house there's bound to be one that isn't feeling his or her best, I guess...