Saturday, September 18, 2010

Just getting started!

Welcome everyone to my blog about our wedding. I figured that since we have family spread all over the US and beyond, that this can keep everyone up to date on what is going on. I'll try to keep up with what is going on but since my computer is really unhappy right now it might be difficult to keep it as up to date as I would like. But we'll see how it goes.

So far we haven't accomplished much. With the groom being overseas and our communication at a minimum it took a while to get an OK (or an "it's your decision") on the when in where. But the wedding will definitely be in my hometown of Mandeville, LA and likely at Benedict's and it will probably be in April. It is going to be more of an intimate thing. My mom and I have already started editing the guest list since he is from Missouri and very few of them will be able to come and we don't want it to be completely lopsided.
I'm pretty excited because my mom is coming up here in two weeks and we are going dress shopping! I have an idea of the cut of dress that will look good on me, but if I've learned one thing from Say Yes to the Dress it is that you don't really know what you want until you start trying on dresses.
I know that I want aqua or turquoise as my color (I'll likely have a hint of pink in the bouquets from the centers of the orchids, but mainly just the one color.) I'm pretty sure that I want orchids as my flower but the bouquets will mainly be accented with the orchids with the bulk of it white roses and maybe some gardenias (but they may be too smelly).
Well that's about it. I mean we've only been engaged for three weeks now, so I think I'm doing pretty good especially considering that I am in taking class, in clinicals, and working.