Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Further along than I expected to be!

Well, believe it or not I have almost everything done! Seriously, all that I have left to decide on is what kind of music to play and what the father, daughter/mother, son dance will be. As well as get my dress hemmed, shoes dyed (mine and my flower girls'), invitations mailed (although that won't happen until mid February), and finalize the decision on the Honeymoon location. It hard to believe but the planning is pretty much done! Oh and we still need to meet with Benedict's to finalize food (can't do that with out Tye), and I have to meet with the florist about 6 weeks prior to the wedding to finalize the flowers.

This girl that works at one of my clinical sites was telling me horror stories about her wedding, but I think that the key is not trying to make it bigger than you can afford. The point of a wedding should not be to send anyone into bankruptcy. It's a celebration of the new life that you and your husband/wife are starting. I mean really, does anyone need 12 bridesmaids?

Anyway, I'm excited we're only 4 months and 2 days away from the big day! And am almost more excited about the honeymoon than the actual wedding. 1-2 weeks of just the two of us. Guess we'll need to find someone to feed the fish...