Thursday, February 24, 2011

What a weekend!

It was such fun and so busy. And we ended up coming home a day earlier than I planned, but was probably the best idea so that we had a day to relax.

We left Friday morning, which was wrought with set backs off all kinds. First we pushed our time to leave back a bit since I was a little slow going that morning. Then as I was about to get everything loaded in my car, I realized that I locked my keys in my car, to which I don't have a spare. Thankfully my roadside assistance covers it so i don't have to fork over any cash to retrieve my keys. Then Tye couldn't find his check book to pay his HOA dues and eventually gave up (he found it once we got back in maybe two minutes. One of those things that once you calm down it's like it magically appears.)

Once we finally got on the road it was smooth sailing until we got to Baton Rouge, which really isn't much of a surprise as traffic is always pretty nasty there. Also not too surprising were the two wrecks that we saw and almost getting rear ended as we drove through BR. Then we were almost in a four car pileup when we got near Hammond. Finally we made it to my parent's house. And even more surprising that we made it in one piece and didn't forget anything! (except pillows)

Friday pretty much consisted of relaxing around my parent's house and chatting and having dinner waiting for my sister, niece, and brother to arrive since they left a bit later than we did. 

Saturday was far more eventful. We went to meet with the florist early that morning to finalize the plans for the flowers and I'm pretty excited because I'm sure they'll be beautiful. Then we did a tiny bit of shopping with my mom to find a thank you gift for my Maw-maw who was throwing my shower, got ready and picked up my younger sister's daughter to go to the shower. (All of which I have no pictures of since I didn't bring my camera in with me.)

We had a great time at the Tea. The food and tea were amazing (Tye and I had talked about getting some of their tea to take home, but forgot.) They had the most delicious green chai tea. And I loved it!

Roo and Bug (my two nieces) had a blast playing together, but Roo was quite scared of Tye. She wouldn't go near him. At one point she and Bug were playing and she had had enough and wanted me to pick her up so I did, and asked if we could go sit down by Tye and she said no. She wouldn't even look at him. My only guess here is that her interaction with big tall men is very limited. Her dad and grandfather aren't much taller than 5'9" and even that might be a bit of a stretch. When Tye and I were going to drop her off Sunday morning she told me that she didn't want him to go with us, but I convinced her that everything was going to be fine.

Sunday was another busy day for us. We dropped Roo off at her dad's house and went to taste wedding food at Benedict's Plantation. The food was delicious, but I would expect nothing less. We are going to have so much food at this wedding that I suggest that the guests just snack all day and come hungry. We'll be eating around 7:30-8. But will have hors D'oeuvres served before the buffet opens. After our tasting we went across the lake to the Aquarium of the Americas. It has been a while since I've been, and this is probably the first time I've been as an adult. It's an entirely different experience. We probably should have tried to go on a week day when there would be fewer children, since we had to skip some exhibits because we couldn't get to them through the throngs of children. (And this is coming from a person who loves kids, well not all kids, but you get the idea.)

After the Aquarium we went to Williams-Sanoma to check out our pots and pans since neither of us had seen them in person (I did all registering online and hadn’t seen my plates in person until the Tea this weekend.) We ended up making a few minor changes to the registry after realizing that there were some things on there that we didn’t need and some things that we did. On the way back to my parent’s house we decided to just head home (I was all for heading back as long as he drove).

All in all it was a great and busy weekend. But I’m done with the planning and such of this wedding and am just ready to enjoy the day, but we still have a little over a month left.

Sophie decided to help me with invitations

Friday, February 11, 2011

Needles and veins...

This evening I took my Phlebotomy certification test and while I did not get my score I did get to see my "Preliminary" results.... Drum roll, please.... I have PASSED! No it was not a hard test to pass. I felt like I knew nothing on there (or not much at least) and it seems that I have passed! Now if only there were more jobs available for Phlebotomists, because I would really like one. But then again it I did get one here it wouldn't be for very long, since if all goes according to plan we should be moving in a matter of months (which is unreal!)

Now things could get a little creepy... I think sticking people becomes an obsession. And I'm like an addict that needs a fix (I know. Creepy.) All I've got to say is that Tye better be glad that I can't get my hands on needles, because I'd have to stick him. Seriously, he has great veins!

I just hope that where ever we move is in need of Phlebotomists a bit more than this place. I really need a job that is not retail.

And on the subject of jobs.... Tye made it safe and sound to Florida and hopefully his interview will go well and he gets the job. The sooner we know the better. That way I can start applying for school and I can start my BSN!

The best is yet to come!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Not quite Wedding news

Last week my mom called to tell me that she and my dad were sending Tye and me a package and that it should arrive Tuesday (yesterday). I was thinking that it was some awesome item off one of our registries, but I was wrong (a little ashamed to say that I was a wee bit disappointed). So I open the package from Omaha Steaks and inside are amazingly tasty things. We got 2 Fillet steaks, a chocolate cake, two lobster tails (I'm pretty syked about that!), and 12 burger patties. Now a little back story: 2 Christmases ago we also got another box from Omaha Steaks and it had 6 burger patties 4 steaks and 6 stuffed potatoes. Well the steaks and potatoes are gone but we sill have the burger patties. So now we have 18 burger patties, no grill, and we don't eat burgers very often. So it has been decided that the next time we get together with friends we are going to provide the burgers.

Now for a little life update (since it's been a while)
Tye got back safe and sound about two weeks ago. Which, by the way, I can't believe it's only been two weeks. Almost feels like he never left at all. But I guess that's the thing with deployments before and during they seen never ending, like he'll never get back. And then he does and everything picks up where it left off and those four months feel like nothing. Well I did have to adjust back to including him on decisions of "what to do tonight" and dinner. I have to think about someone else again, but that didn't take long to get back in the habit of doing.

We went to visit Tye's sister last week and had a great time. I thoroughly enjoyed 8 days off of work, which doesn't happen very often. In fact the last time I had that much time off was right before I started working at Bath & Body Works over 2.5 years ago. If only the weather would have cooperated and we could have gotten some bike riding in.

Wedding Update:
Everything is just about done. I got a call yesterday from the alterations place and my dress is done (all she had to do was bustle the train). I got my shoes and I love them. I still need to get the flower girls' shoes, a tossing garter, have a final chat with the florist to ensure that we are on the same page, hammer out a rough play list for the DJ, taste the food at Benedict's, get the wedding bands, and my engagement ring. Oh and a few invitations are pending because I don't have addresses.

So were doing good and the wedding is coming along great! I cannot wait for it to be April 2!