Saturday, June 25, 2011

My terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week...

This week was a Notebook week. By that I mean that (as it does happen on occasion) I needed a good cry and should have turned to my favorite "cry it out" movie to do the job. But the next best thing is to hold an infant. I mean what can make a person feel better than holding a newborn. Not much in my book!

Friday, June 24, 2011

My Birthday!

My birthday celebrations began last week on Friday when the team that I was working with threw me a little birthday celebration. They brought Mexican and even had some Greek yogurt for me. They had been very sneaky and would randomly ask me what kind of food I ate. They usually bring junk food, but catered to my healthy lifestyle and brought something somewhat healthy that I would enjoy eating. It was so very thoughtful! I just could not get over how amazing it was that they cared. Especially since I have only worked there for a few months.

On Saturday the Hubby took me out to dinner with some friends where I enjoyed some pretty good boiled crawfish. Then we went to my sisters house to have some cake and ice cream. It was a lovely weekend!

On my actual birthday I enjoyed a relaxing first part of the day at home and then went to work and had a not so great day :( Then as I was leaving I got a text from my sister informing me that I should go back inside because a friend of ours (the one who had the baby shower a few weeks ago) seemed to be in labor! Unfortunately it was a false alarm too early and her baby girl was just not ready (Spoiler: She had the little one at 6:02 on June 24th! I can't wait to get to work so I can see her!)

As Birthday celebrations go I cannot complain and what about presents you ask? Clearly you did not read my letter to Belize. On our day in Belize during our honeymoon I got a lovely diamond tennis bracelet that was my early birthday present. It's lovely!

Happy Weekend! 

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It was just another Manic Monday and Tuesday

I have been so busy at work the past couple days that I have probably burnt so many calories that it's not even funny! On Monday I worked on the 3rd and 4th floor and there was a good solid hour when I needed to restroom break and was unable to take one. I would be with one patient and then get paged to stick another. It was just crazy. Then yesterday I was in the ER and it was the busiest that I have ever seen it. Until about 8pm there were so many people in the ER that they had them in beds in the hall and there were about 15 waiting. I think it only calmed down for me because they were waiting on beds on the floors for some of the patients. It was just pure craziness!

I thought that I was going to blow a gasket when I got a ticket for a very difficult to stick patient that we barely got enough blood on and they ordered more tests!. Thankfully when I got to the room the nurse informed me that they started a central line and had already pulled the blood I needed. But man, was I in a panic for a bit!

But today should be easier, since I should be in out patient. But with my luck, I'll be running around like a crazy person on another floor or OP will be so busy I won't be able to breath.

One plus about a busy day? They go by so fast!
Plus it's Wednesday and the week is halfway over!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Baby Shower Gifts (plus a little crafting!)

This weekend I had a baby shower to go to for a friend and I love baby things. Well, to be completely honest I love babies (part of the reason why I have such a hard time sticking them at work, because I don't want to hurt their tiny little feet, hands, and arms.) And I went a wee bit over board with all the things I got her little girl. I got them a Boppy with cover, a super soft blanket (one of my favorite baby things, hell one of my favorite things for me is a supper soft blanket), some binkies, newborn socks and mittens (so the little one doesn't scratch her face), and some books (as I posted previously we brought books to the shower instead of cards and I bought quite a few and could have bought more, but there has to be a limit some where right?)

I wonder if I even looked at the screen when I took this picture.

I think that I am a pretty creative person and think it's about time to get a little crafty! I really don't like sticking gifts in bags. I feel like it's so impersonal, but when I do I stuff the bags with so much paper it's crazy. I really wanted to wrap this present, but the Boppy posed a problem since it is large, so not rectangular, and I didn't have a box that would fit it. So I was forced to bag it. I knew that everyone would be using the baby bags and gift wrap and wanted something a little different. So I found a bag that was very cute but needed a little work.
It just wasn't right for a baby. So what did I do?

I picked up these from Target and left the green ribbon alone. Might use it another time, but I couldn't find any other pink ribbon there.
I snipped the original ribbon and added the pink. I had for a second considered twisting the green and pink together, but I'm glad that I didn't because the hole was too small and I don't think that it would have looked as good.
This was taken with my phone and the colors are not as vibrant.
I then cut out some letters from card stock (I had to trace from a stencil, since I have not so great handwriting) and glued them to the bag. Filled the bag with pink and green tissue paper. In hindsight I should have gone for the 6" letters and then the name would have popped. But the end result was cute and so much better than the option for baby bags large enough to accommodate the Boppy.

Mocking Jay (A Book Review)

Mocking Jay is the thirsd book in the Hunger Games series. And I should CAUTION you know that if you have not read Hunger Games and/or Catching Fire then this might be a bit of a SPOILER!

Picture from:

Katniss has now survived the Hunger Games twice, but the Capital is furious and wants revenge. What will happen to Katniss, her family, and what happened to the other victors in the Games? He entire world has changed and is still changing. Will she be able to adapt to survive in this new world?

Of all three books, this is my favorite. I wasn't sure about the ending at first, but after I thought about it a bit I realized that it was the perfect ending to the trilogy. I hope that you enjoy these books as much as I did. At times I was a bit annoyed with the character, but then I reminded myself that she is a 16-17 year old girl and should be immature and whine a bit. FYI: The movie for Hunger Games is scheduled to come out March of next year!

Catching Fire (A Book Review)

Catching Fire is the second book in the Hunger Games series. And I should CAUTION you know that if you have not read the first book, Hunger Games, then this is a bit of a SPOILER!

Picture from:

This book follows the post game life of Katniss Everdeen and her fellow district champion Peeta Mellark. As champions they travel throughout the districts and capital to celebrate their win in the Hunger Games. But it becomes clear that this isn't the normal victory tour. Their are rumors of rebellion and Katniss and Peeta have become the faces of the rebellion. To make matters worse the capital is not happy and has some ideas of it's own. And to top it all off this is the year of the Quarter Quell and you never know what the Gamemakers have up their sleeves...

I think that I enjoyed this book more than the first it was so full highs and lows and kept me wondering what was going to happen next!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Hello, My Name is Colleen & I have a problem...

Well I guess I don't have a problem yet, but one day...

So for a little background. A friend of mine is having a baby! I know, how exciting! (And before we go any farther this blog will not contain my own babies for a very long time. I mean really, I have to talk my husband into allowing our future Doberman puppy to live in the house first. Yep, I've got my priorities just right!) And said friend's shower is next weekend and in lieu of cards we are asked to bring a children's book (what a cute idea!) And as I was browsing for books at Barnes & Noble I found so many that I could have gotten and ended up with three! Because of this I have realized that when I have children they will have so many books! There are books that remind me of my Paw-Paw Bridges and some that are just faves (like Jamberry. I can't really explain it but it's a favorite.) As kids my mom had lots of books for us too. And all I can hope is that I will be able to instill a love of reading. I, however, did not develop my love for reading until I discovered Harry Potter (Sad but true.)

I also got some other lovely things for my friend's baby girl. And just might have to post pictures later. I had an idea of what I was going to get her from her registry, but I strayed a bit, because I love soft baby blankets. I think they are one of my favorite things!

Happy Weekend!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Honeymoon Day Four: Belize City, Belize

Oh Belize,

I cannot properly express your beauty in words! We spent the day in your waters. We snorkeled along your coral reef, swam with your nurse sharks and sting rays (and barracuda by accident). We walked your beaches while we ate homemade ice cream and drank a couple margaritas! We talked about how we could live on your beautiful island of San Pedro, where I would work as a NP at a hospital and Tye would take tourists scuba diving and/or on helicopter tours of the island (I think he might be getting the better deal, but then again maybe not!)  Maybe you didn't know but I got an early birthday present (a beautiful diamond tennis bracelet) while visiting with you! We wish we could have stayed longer but alas we had to get back on the ship and travel to our next destination, but between you and me I loved none as much as you!

Much Love!

Main street in San Pedro
This is basically what we were looking at right before we jumped off the side of the boat!
And Tye's wedding ring caught the eye of a barracuda. He quickly covered it and the fish lost interest.
Sorry about the picture over load, but again words cannot describe the beauty! And if you are fortunate enough to go to San Pedro, Belize I highly suggest eating at the Blue Iguana and getting some homemade ice cream. Unfortunately I cannot remember the name but ask anyone on the island and they will be more than happe to give you directions!