Monday, August 29, 2011


My week has been pretty much school work, school work, and more school work. And I've been quite good at keeping the distractions to a minimum. However, that last couple days have been tricky.
Yesterday I was sitting in the kitchen when some dogs started barking and I noticed a white American Bulldog in the yard behind our running around with out a collar stirring up the dogs that live there who are pinned up outside. Through all of this ruckus I try to pay attention to my work and not the runaway outside. This dog was clearly determined to have some fun and wasn't in to partying alone. Not long after he showed up he was attempting to help the other two dogs escape as well. Thankfully he did not succeed in his efforts (other than digging a big enough whole to stick most of his head through.) And then I can only assume that he heard his owner as he stopped perked his ears and slowly trotted away.

Then today Sophie decides that no one is paying her anywhere near enough attention and comes to hang out on the window sill to chew on the cord for the blinds. With me doing school work and Tye cleaning up the limb that fell down in the storm we had Wednesday (which actually brought the temperature down to 75) we were a little busy.  But you can't explain that to a cat. And she is making up for it now with some extra cuddle time!

The limb that fell Wednesday (an all of that greenery is just more branches)

Friday, August 26, 2011

What a week!

Classes started this week, which is great, but I feel like I'm up to my eyeballs already! This is partially due to one class not having it's syllabus up until today. And yes, class starters Monday. So I'm feeling a teeny bit behind. In reality I'm probably not at all behind, but I want to be ahead or atleast feel like I'm right on schedule. Also I likely won't feel completely comfortable until I've taken the first test and know that what I'm doing is good enough to make A's.

So this weekend will be filled with a ton of school work and a bit of yoga, since I have discovered that when I'm getting bored or loosing focus a bit-o-yoga does just the trick to get me back on track!

And did I mention that I'm taking 15 hours and that's all online! My theory is that I could make my own schedule and not have to factor in drive time, which is true, but I do worry about the classes that don't provide notes (since it probably takes me a bit longer to read the chapter picking out the important parts than it does to read the chapter on my own and copy notes as the professor talks or runs a powerpoint.)

In all of this I have realized that when it comes time for clonicals I will likely not have the time to work full time. But then again this is only the first week and I may be fully prepared to ace all of my quizes today (but I highly doubt that and am thankfull that I have all weekend to prep for and complete them.)

All in all I am taking it day by day and working as hard and as diligently as I can, and trying not to let things fall by the wayside. Next week my goal is to add a bit of exercise to my days (other than just the occasional refocusing yoga sesh.) And then I'll add in some house cleaning other than just washing flightsuits, black shirts, and scrubs when we run out of work clothes. On that note I actually bought a third pair of scrubs so that I can get away with washing two times a week instead of three or more. (It might sound bad but in reality once I start doing my on call weekends I will need this extra pair. But here's hoping that I get paid all weekend to sit around my house and do school work.)

It's been a super slow day at work and I'm hoping that it picks up a tad so that the day will finish up fairly quickly!

Have a great weekend! I know I will catching up on school work and hanging out with friends. Oh and spending time with my husband of course!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hello BSN, here I come!

The fall semester is getting close (starts on Monday) and I'm super excited! I'm taking 15 hours all online which is a bit scary since I will have to teach my self everything, but oddly enough I'm really not scared or worried.

What had me worried was the idea that I might not be able to get into school this semester, due to my poor performance in the first year of my college education. I didn't allow myself to get too excited about the future and I had a back up plan so that this semester wouldn't be a complete waste. But all of that is over now. I'm officially a student at NSU! And my course load is pretty hefty!

While at community college last year none of the classes were challenging. I could make an A with very little effort. I'm actually excited to have to put forth effort to make A's (I know I'm such a nerd.) It was also pretty exciting to walk around the hospital knowing that one day I will be a nurse! (I'm thinking L&D or maybe Ped's, but we don't really have much of a pediatric department in my hospital. It's only about 4 rooms that are rarely used by children.)

On another note... I have some cleaning that I need to finish before school starts. I really want this house to be spotless so that I will be able to focus on school work and not on a messy house. Then I'll be able to spend a short amount of time each day to maintain.

I'm so excited to get this part of my life underway.
Hello school, goodbye social life. :)

Friday, August 5, 2011

We live in a scary world...

Let me preface this by saying that I am not a parent and while I do know and understand the struggles of being a parent, I do not live it day in and day out. I am also not a psychiatrist or therapist and my views are strictly that of someone who has observed, was concerned, and did a tad of research. And if you happen to know what family I am referring to here please keep that to yourself. I am in no way trying to out their business to the world, but this is a topic that is close to home. And if I am ever one day blessed with a baby girl I will likely have to deal with theses situations too.

I grew up in a world where my biggest worry in Kindergarten was about getting (honestly... not getting) chicken pox (because I wanted to have them like everyone else, sad I know). And while first grade was a rather rough year, because my teacher was horribly mean and made me cry almost every day, and I was sick a lot due to hating school (probably stress) and my asthma; my biggest concern was loosing teeth, and school work. If only life was as simple for girls today. When I was six I wasn't worried about what I looked like in the mirror, I hid bad grades under a chair in the dining room so that my parent's wouldn't find them, which they did and I was in so much trouble. (I would stuff papers under a wicker chair when I was supposed to be doing homework, but we all do things like that, right?)

Unfortunately, girls today have other worries too. They worry about their body image. Nothing makes me sadder than seeing a six-year-old stand in front of a mirror skinny as can be and say, "I ate a lot, my belly is fat." This is especially unsettling when they child did not by any stretch of the imagination have a "fat belly" or "eat a lot".

It's easy to point fingers and play the blame game. It's the medias fault. No the parent's. No societies. The list could go on! And in reality it is all of that! It's our need to be "thin" to be "healthy". The way the media portrays thin people and heavier people. The way we react to everything that children say or see or other adults see. It is our focus on appearance as a measure of worth.

I should mention that in this particular house their is definitely a focus on intelligence and being smart and appearance is not their only or even main focus (but they have some cute kids! And they are smart too!) And maybe there isn't such a huge focus on how smart this little girl is because she can't seem to sit still in class and is constantly reprimanded for that at school, but some how she manages to snag top marks in school. What is a parent to do when a kid gets a "Needs Improvement" in behavior and an "Excellent" in most everything else?

And what does a parent person do to change the way their child views the world and people and bodies (whether it is their own or someone else's?) How much can we limit the type of TV that our children watch? And what they see in the world? When I was a child those kids that didn't watch much TV or certain shows were "weird", but on occasion I was one of those "weird" kids because their were things that my parent's didn't allow me to see.

I'm sorry but I can offer no solutions here. I can tell you to research. Do your homework! (Unlike the 6-year-old me I am now very fond of "homework" haha) Be aware! (The situation above was hopefully caught way early and things are changing to protect her from feeling this way in the future and from this getting worse.) And while parents cannot watch over their children every second of the day you have to be there enough to see the signs of body image issues (don't know if that's the right word or right way to say this) and help to correct them. But just the same you have to be there and aware when BOYS come into the picture as well.

BOYS.... I'm so not ready for this kid as a teenager... ;)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Time changes everything! Well a lot of things...

Here's a little story (super summarized)...

Five years ago (and a couple days) I had planned a trip to visit my sister and my lovely niece for the weekend, but it was her anniversary weekend and they had planned a dinner at home. Well of course they couldn't tell me to not come up for a visit so instead they sent me out on a date with this rather good looking guy who I had met a few times prior. So 5 years ago today I picked out an outfit, went to class, drove about 5 hours, hung out with my family, then went on a date with this guy. I never would have guess that we would now be married!!!!

But then again, I probably wouldn't have guessed that a year ago either!

A year ago I never would have guessed that he would deploy to Afghanistan propose to me days before leaving, find out that he was leaving maybe a week before that, plan and have a wedding, start a new job, and finish and intend to start school again! Ooh or that I would get my little sister back as my good friend!

It's certainly been a crazy year and this one is looking like it could be just as crazy (in a good was!) And I'm hoping that it will be quite crazy! And then again how can it not be crazy, since I'll be working and going to school full-time while hopefully making A's.