Thursday, September 29, 2011

Saturday Part One!

Saturday was Bug's birthday party and I had offered my creativity and help to make it awesome and kinda unique! We (the hubby and I) had a full day with two birthday parties going. One party was Bug's and the other was our friend Marc's. And since it was all in the same neighborhood he dropped me off so that he could run some errands while I helped get the party ready. But there was a little hitch in our plans...

At around 10:30, I think, a runaway or stray appeared at the house with no collar. He was a very big pitbull mix (I'm guessing he's a mix but he could be all pit) and so sweat that I could not let him continue to wonder so I took him around to some of the houses to see if he belonged to anyone, but not only were there no takers no one had seen this big guy either. So I went back in the house to help with the cup cakes and wondered where this guy came from.

Lacie and I were talking and we came to the conclusion that we needed to take him to the vet to see if he was micro-chipped. But first we had to check his socialization with other dogs before we brought him to PetSmart. And he did great with Lacie's over eager border collie, german shepherd mix. So we loaded him up told the guys we'd be back and headed to PetSmart and by people's reactions when we got there you'd have thought he would go from tongue hanging out happiness to ripping out people's throats any second. He was probably better behaved than most dogs there. We probably spent too much getting him examined (which was not the original plan) heart worm tested and a rabies vaccine, but we felt better knowing that he was healthy.

We couldn't imagine how anyone could abandon this guy since he was such a sweetie. So when we got home we scrambled to finish up for the party and put the dog, named Meathead by my husband, in a crate in the garage and had the party. After the party we printed out and went out to post flyers so that Meathead's owners could find him if they were looking and on the way to the entrance to the neighborhood the owners spotted us. The kids seemed like they couldn't have cared less if he had been found and Meathead seemed just fine with hanging out with us and not going back home. But home he went and part of me wished that I could have kept him...

But as Tye pointed out there would have come a day when I would look at that face and wished that he was a Doberman.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Who's Been Lazy?

Ummm.... Yeah, that would be me...  I have been a bum this week. I could blame it all day on trying to catch up on sleep from this weekend, but the reality is that I've been sleeping in and just plain lazy! And the worst part? My grades are suffering. I've gotten 2C's and a B this week. This is not my idea of fun!
Along with being lazy about school I also haven't wired out at all this week!  And deep down I know that lack of exercise = lack of energy and motivation.
I'm beginning to realize just how crazy my life is right now. And my house is a mess again! Which makes focusing nearly impossible! All I can think about is what I can and need to accomplish this weekend. But I will really only have Sunday since I am practically co-hosting my niece's 6th birthday party. Don't get me wrong I'm not complaining. I have to have a creative outlet and since I have no little ones of my own I use hers! And what little girl wouldn't love to attend a cupcake party? (I should have pictures and such next week.)
Also Saturday is a birthday party for a friend of ours pretty much right after Bug's. So it will be quite a busy day!
Therefore all school work and house cleaning will be smashed into Sunday. And who knows maybe I'll be able to smash it all in there. I just have to prioritize! And keep away from all of those pesky procrastination tools. Like say.... blogging? And Facebook maybe?
I hope everyone is having a great week. Maybe I'll sneak in a post a about last weekend's activities!

I'm a planner!

Whether I like it or not I'm a planner. I like to know what is going to happen and when. I like to map things out so that I can know what to expect. I don't get all stressed out when things don't go according to plan (example the wedding: the DJ totally flubbed the music and I was all to willing to walk down the isle to the song for out first dance if I had to.) So we're planning on a new house (some time in the not so distant future) and I'm planning on new puppy shortly after (the husband knows that the puppy is on the list, as pets were conditions upon which we decided on marriage. He had to have the fish, while I had to have the Doberman. We just have some minor details to hammer out.) But here's the dilemma and where the planning comes into play.

1) Good Doberman breeders only have litters a few times of year and while I have a few that I like that limits the number of options to get a puppy in a given year.

2) The puppy applications. Yes, we will have to apply and be chosen to purchase one of these breeders special little puppies. it may sound ridiculous, but when it comes to such an Alpha breed it makes me feel better knowing that they care so much about their dogs that they won't just sell them to anyone. They want to make sure that the family that they place their puppies with will give them everything that they need. I think that I will end up applying with a few different breeders and then take my pick of the breeder with the best looking pups. The dilemma here is when do I fill out the application. I know that our future house will have a fenced in back yard with a 6 foot high wooden fence (our house now has a four foot high chain linked fence, and not Doberman friendly as he/she will likely jump it with ease.) I have plans for how to introduce Sophie to the puppy even though I know that it will take her a while to warm up, but there is nothing I can do to change that. I know that in time she will at least learn to tolerate her likely boisterous new roommate. And I think that for her it would be best for her to get settled in her new space for a bit before tossing in this rough and tumble little ball of energy (and attention getter). I see some jealousy happening at the new house... :) But if I wait until after we are settled to fill out the application I wonder if we'll have to wait another year or two before we can get a puppy.

3) The timing... The best bet would be to get a puppy during a summer when I am not taking classes on campus and possible working part time (I don't think that I could ever just not work.) And that's an easy one. But then it gets tricky... Let's say that we do decide to have children (neither of us is 100% sure about this one). We would need the Doberman to be at least 2 and out of the bouncy puppy stage before a baby could be around. The last thing that I want is to feel like I needed to give away a dog that I put so much time, effort, money, and love into because I had a kid (you can see where my priorities lie, right? Haha!) And who wants to be mid thirties popping out their first kid, not me (maybe second, but not first).

4) The puppy has to fit into my main plan and goal too... Getting my BSN and NP. There's no way around it my priority 1 is becoming a NP and plans and roads lead to that, which is why a summertime puppy would be preferred, because I could spend lots of time training the puppy without taking all the attention away from my very attention hungry cat. A cat that I'm sure will become even more angry and bitter if she doesn't feel like she's getting her fair share of attention. But there will be rules in place to help with that, like couches being for cats and humans, but not puppies and the puppy will get plenty of outside time (but I cannot let the cropped ears be ruined my an unsupervised romp in the back yard.)

There are a lot of things that need to be decided before we make this move, and when will it be you ask? Well you'll just have to wait and see! But I can tell you that our current house isn't even on the market yet, so we have quite a while to go.

I'll leave you with a video and a few pics from random sources on the web!

A grey cat and a red Dobe. I can see this happening on the floor of our future home! But Sophie would be hissing and spitting, but always wanting more!


Thursday, September 15, 2011

What a DAY.....

I left for work this morning with high hopes and lots of post work plans on my to do list. And I must say that prior to work I got quite a bit accomplished, including a nice 30 minute workout and some school work. As I'm leaving my hubby asks me if I want to have friends over tonight for some dinner. My mind swirls and I'm thinking about the dirty house and my massive to d list filled with things that must be done before I go to work on Friday! I smile and say sure, thinking that there will be time for all of it. As the work day gets under way it all goes to hell in a hurry, and what went from a normal Thursday just dragged into what felt like weeks!

Later, I get a text from my husband letting me know that our guests will be arriving around 6:30. I panic!!!! I get off at 6:30 and there is no way that I will have time to get everything taken care of that I want and need to do!!!! So I let go of the idea of going across town to pick up some stuff for wrapping a basket and think that maybe I'll have time after dinner or I'll get it tomorrow and wrap it before work or at my parent's house on Saturday. And then I panicked because I knew in what horrific state the house was in when I walked out the door and I was petrified that it would look just the same when I returned home!

Of course, I panicked over nothing as the house was clean and the dinner with friends was very nice and very much needed. No, I did not get the stuff for wrapping, and I have not started packing and still have a bunch of school work to finish tomorrow. But I did complete the test that I needed to tonight, even if I did make a B on it.

And my burritos were a hit! I'll have to post the recipe soon now that I know that it isn't just me and the hubs who enjoy this dish (I think we could eat it every day, to be honest!)

Now that the kitchen is straightened and the test is done I'm going to take a few notes and then head to bed. I have to get up really early so that I can finish up my school work, pack, and get the stuff for wrapping the gift basket all before work at one! A huge plus is that since I have unintentionally stayed 15 minutes late two days this week I think that I'll jet out 30 minutes early tomorrow so that we can get a bit of a jump on this drive we have ahead of us tomorrow! (Going to visit my parents for our family reunion this weekend with my older sister, younger brother, and niece and nephew. The husbands will remain in Shreveport to do manly things like work, play computer games, and continue with home renovations.)

I hope you have a lovely weekend! I should have pictures to post later!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


A few weeks ago I went down to visit my family for my grandma's 80th birthday. While I got no pictures of the actual party or the birthday girl I snagged some rather nice shots of my two beautiful nieces playing with bubbles. I'm sure my nephew would have felt quite left out but he had no clue since he was taking a much needed nap.

So here's some pictures of Bug and Roo playing with bubbles, which actually came from my wedding! And I will be going down again this weekend and should have some more lovely pics to share and maybe I'll actually get a pic on here of the Little Man!

I love Roo's little smile here! Having such a blast with her cousin!

I wish I had gotten some action shots, because they were running back and forth at one point to catch the bubbles. Oh the fun of being so little!

(On a side note I would like to point out that my sisters are not completely crazy naming their children such odd names they are their names for blogging purposes only. The idea of putting them completely out there is a little weird the last thing that I need is some psycho reading this figuring out who they are or where they live and earning their trust momentarily by using their name from this blog.)

Monday, September 12, 2011

On call weekends

Thankfully I spent most of my on call weekend catching up on sleep and getting ahead in my school work. In the end, however, I am not a fan! I don't like knowing that at any minute I could get called to work at a hospital that I have never stepped foot in before or don't even know where it's located! I also don't like the fact that I could get woken up by a call saying that I have to come into work immediately I wondered how they would react to me saying "Ummm, I'm in the middle of a test and haven't showered yet today (that would have been on Saturday, since I'm pretty sure that I didn't shower until after noon).... It may be at least an hour before I can even leave the house...." No one wants a smelly phlebotomist, right? In reality none of this is a big deal, but I just like knowing when I'm working, where, and for how long. I'm just not a spontaneous kinda girl, I'm a planner.

Plus I really needed this weekend to study since I am going out of town next weekend. And my weekend trip for the family reunion will likely and unfortunately limit my study time a bit. I know that realistically if I buckled down and worked toward getting it done it likely would, but on the other hand my 2 nieces and nephew will be there along with my younger sister whom I haven't seen in about 2 years (hoping for a happy reunion!) and I just don't see the motivation for school work kicking in.

Here's to what I know will be a great and productive week!
(And no more sleeping with my cell in the bed room!)

Saturday, September 10, 2011

A crafty little day with my niece!

It was nearing the end of summer for the both of us and little Miss Bug was going to be spending the day with me while her mama was getting her classroom ready. So what better to do than a little crafting, right?!? So the weekend prior I took my lovely little niece to Micheal's and Hobby Lobby looking for something for a completely different project, but unfortunately they didn't have everything I needed for it so I'll have to make another trip to find the missing pieces (sorry for being cryptic, but I hope to post about this project later, I just have to get all of the pieces first!) In the end I got some fake orchids as a centerpiece (you can see it buried beneath the class work and breakfast in this post) and a few things for a little craft, which won me another best aunt ever award (pink glitter will win it every time). So that day we set up a table in the living room,  laid out some paper and went to town. We painted a wooden L in pink and then added some pink glitter with a pink and green ribbon (that I didn't get a picture of) and viola! A simple craft project with minimal mess. However I wouldn't have used the glitter if she was younger, since I'm not sure that my husband would have liked pink glitter all over the living room!

Notice the pink paint that she managed to get on her knee. Thankfully it easily washed off! And I did not tell her to strike a pose. She just a Diva like that and I actually had to ask her to tone down the Diva.

After this project and a little lunch we were so worn out that neither of us heard my phone ringing or my husband walk in. And then she crashed in the car about 5 minutes from her house! Love that girl!

Friday, September 9, 2011

I've been a busy little bee!

I've been staying on schedule in most of my classes and slightly ahead in a few. So I am feeling pretty good, but I've let a few things slide...My work space is turning into a mountain around her and my house is not nearly as clean as I would like. And getting up early and doing stuff after work is not in the cards right now because I'm so darn tired! I know that the tiredness is due in part from the minor cold that I have been fighting (notice the tissues in the pic below), and partly to lack of exercise. I have attempted to get my sweat on a few times this week and I guess that twice is far better than none at all, right? And this week has been far better than the previous, since I have successfully tackled the mountain of dishes in the kitchen (the dishwasher is half full of dirties right now, can't make myself run it when it's not full. I've been using a lot of tupper-ware recently so the top half is full so it just might get run the way it is or the dishes will pile up again!

My cluttered mess of a work space. On the to do list for the weekend.
Yesterday I got my first B of the semester :(  And the worst part is that I shouldn't have, since I apparently missed about 5 questions. I guess I was in far to much of a hurry to get it done so that I could hop in the shower and head to work. I'm still a little bummed, but I know that I'll be able to bring it up  after a little calculating I just realized that I still have an A in the class. So no worries!

Not to thrilled about this weekend, since I am on call... I'm hoping that I just get paid $2 every hour for sleeping doing school work and cleaning house, but I'm certainly prepared for the worse, at least I think I am.

Off to get cleaned up and then go stick people for 8 hours! Be on the look out for a little craft project that me and Bug did before school started. It should be up this weekend!

Have a great one!