Saturday, October 29, 2011

Things change...

As this semester wears on and the year comes to an end all of my priorities twist and change. But I still sleep a little to late. I still don't seem to make the time to work out much at all or clean house much at all. School is still priority 1, but I cannot wait for this semester to be over! Work gets more tedious and less fun every day. I hate that there is so much down time it makes the day drag.

I kinda feel like life is at standstill and I'm just waiting.... Waiting for December, and waiting for June. I can only hope that June lives up to my expectations, but I'm sure it will. I have such plans!

But the more things change the more they stay the same. People still disappoint you. They still do the exact opposite of what is best for them, or rather what you know is best for them. Maybe they do the opposite just to show me that I'm wrong, but I'm not. I guess people really don't change and I should be less surprised when they don't change for the better even though I wish and pray they would.

All in all life is good and as a whole I wouldn't change a thing, but of course there are little things that I would love to tweak to make life all around amazing.

I just have to remember that I can change my life, but even if our lives intersect I cannot really change yours unless you let me in and listen and take my suggestions to heart.

I'm looking forward to this weekend. Why? Because I have the weekend off and I'm spending a great part of the weekend with some of my favorite people and finish up some school work!

Have a lovely weekend!

Friday, October 21, 2011

I'm a meanie!

This evening I got called a nasty name by my older sister...

I have been insanely busy and have had no time to blog and this post will be short because in reality I don't have time to blog now... School isn't slowing down and neither is life. We are barreling towards December when we will start some big changes in our house! In the past two weeks my husband has been working very hard to get the master bath back to a bathroom and well past demo mode. There is paint on the walls and I cam home today and he started tiling! I can't wait to see and use the finished product especially since we have been down to one bathroom for over a year! I can not wait!

December... I would love to tell you why I am so excited about December and what it will bring, but that is going to have to wait. I actually started a blog post to break the big news but it's pending and sitting in the scheduled folder waiting for the day it gets to be posted on my blog and waiting for the finishing touches!

Also pending are some lovely posts about weekends with the nieces and nephew but I have been having trouble loading pictures. :(  Hopefully I will be able to get those posted fairly soon!

Any way... Why was my sister calling me nasty names, you asked?

She is finally home and feeling so much better which is awesome! Her home health physical therapist kicked her butt today in her first PT session. Right now she has strict rules to bear no weight on her busted left hip until after her next set of x-rays and the surgeon is certain that her hip has healed properly. (I posted about the accident here and here.) Until she can she has to work both legs but cannot stand on the bad leg.

This evening I was visiting and it was about time for her pain medicine and what did I do? I grabbed the bottle and said that she had to do a lap around the kitchen (with her walker, and yes, it's the old lady kind) before I would give her the meds. And I wasn't kidding I grabbed the bottle and told her that I'd run out the house with them if she didn't get up and do a lap! She looked around for sympathy, but there was none. So she got up and did one more lap and was rewarded by her pain meds. She'll thank me later for being extra hard on her. And if the roles were reversed I would hope that she would push me too!

Source: Pinterest

Only one day off this weekend so I'm going to try to make the best of it!
Good night!

Monday, October 3, 2011

It hasn't even been a week...

...But it kinda seems like an eternity since Thursday.

The past few days have blown by but that day seems like forever ago. On Friday I cried on and off all morning and trudged through school work that I could hardly concentrate or focus enough to give it enough attention. When I got to work I informed my boss what was going on just so that she would understand where my head was at if it didn't seem to be at work. At first I didn't think that I would be able to make it through work, but a few hours in I was fine.

Saturday was Lacie's surgery and we were up at 5 and on the way to the hospital by 6. The surgery went very well and the surgeon was able to repair 60% of the damage in about 3.5 hours, which was better than expected. Supposedly this one was the long surgery and the next one should be shorter, but we'll see. Tye and I left the hospital and I went to work and he went to Dallas for a friend's wedding. Work was busy for a Saturday and the day went by fairly quickly. And I stopped in to see Lacie before heading home. When I got home I did some school work and watched some TV and ended up going to bed around midnight.

Sunday I went over to check on the kids to see how their bruises were healing, since I hadn't seen them since Thursday. And they are almost completely gone! Little Man has a few scratches that will likely be gone in a day or two, and Bug has a little bit of bruising, but soon that will disappear as well. I finished up a quiz and then it was off to work, yet again. The day dragged, but Lacie was moved out of SICU, which is good. But now she is in a shared room and the nurses area a lot less attentive and the food is still nasty.

Today I was able to bring Little Man to see his Mommy, and he was thrilled, but unprepared for her to be in a hospital bed. Unfortunately there is no way to explain to a 2 year old what to expect to see in the hospital. On the ride over I did tell him that Mommy was sick, but all he heard was MOMMY! He recovered quickly once Lacie started eating the yogurt I brought her and shared it with him. When we were leaving he was running down the hall repeating "MOMMY!" I think that Lillian will be really excited to see Lacie because she will be able to see that Lacie is getting better.

The next surgery should be either tomorrow or Wednesday. She has made huge improvements! She is down to one IV (she had 3 at one point) and no more arterial line. This does mean that she will get stuck probably multiple times a day and it may not seem like it's really important, but it definitely shows that she is making improvements!

Other news: I have posts just about ready from Bug's birthday party and our last trip home, but my power cable for my laptop is busted so my computer is dead for now.

Have a great week! Mine gets better by the day! And my husband comes home today! And I'm off tomorrow!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Someone puts on the breaks and your whole world changes...

Take a minute and imagine... You're 6 riding with your mommy and little brother to school. You're probably singing along to music. Mommy hits the breaks and moments later the car is forcibly moving sideways. It rolls and lands back on the wheels. Just when you think that everything just might be okay the car starts spinning in circles. Mommy is screaming for help and then she "takes a nap." Some men help you out of the car. Mommy gets put in a helicopter. Daddy's there and so is one of Daddy's friends. You get strapped to a board and taken to the hospital with your little brother and Daddy's friend.

This is how Bug started her day on Thursday.

Mine started with a phone call and rushing to the hospital to take care of Bug and Little Man. I got to the ER before the kids (My sister was taken to the far more advaned hospital in the area). And waited, probably a little impatiently, for the kids to arrive. All the time telling myself that if they're coming to the hospital I work at, then their injuries can't be too bad.

The nurse tells me they're in room 3. I turn the corner and see Bug on a board and Little Man (being held by a friend) staring at her as if trying to understand it all. That is a picture I will never get out of my head.
I all but ran, grabbed Little Man, who was still in a daze, and rushed to the side of the bed to answer questions like name and birthday. Kinda glad that there was another adult there because while I was able to rattle off Bug's info, I had a moment of trouble remembering in what year Little Man was born. Thankfully neither of them were hurt more than tiny nicks from glass and bruises from seatbelts and harnesses. And Little Man was back to his wild and crazy self minutes after ariving at the hospital. The three if us spent the rest of the day recouperating at their home.

But that's only a fraction of the story. My day was filled with icing Bug's neck, trying to piece together the events of th accident, and trying to understand my sister's injuries, which seemed to get worse throughout the day, from a far without actually seeing the scan or x-rays. And putting all of that into terms that would inform but not scare a six year old. All while keeping a watchful eye on the almost 1 year old.

The explaining part was all done by feel. I figured that I not only had enough experience with Bug to know what she could handle, but also enough experience with kids in the hospital to know that they can usually handle more than adults think they can(depending on how you approach the given situation.) And when it came time to talk about Mommy staying in the hospital for a while she was prepared, because she knew and understood that it was important since Mommy was hurt pretty badly.

Later that afternoon by brother-in-law and I took Bug to see Lacie in SICU before we went in I had another little chat with her to let her know what to expect to see. I had never entered this particular SICU but they are essentially all the same. Lots of wires, tubes, and bags all attached to sleeping people. And that there were a lot of people in there who are more hurt and sick than Mommy. Some are intubated but I didn't think it was necessary to explain or tell her about that unless she asked. I also let her know that she could ask whatever question she wanted. Nothing was off limits. After a really good visit with Lacie I was putting Bug back in the car and I asked her if I prepared her well for the hospital, and she said, "Yes, it was not scary." Mission accomplished! And did she actually ask any questions? Yep, she asked Lacie why she took a nap and Lacie told her that she had to close her eyes because she was hurting and her head was spinning. I had discussed with Bug that when you are really really hurting your brain makes you "take a nap" so that you can handle the pain better.

How is Lacie? The left half of her hip is in pieces and there is a crack in the right side. There may be some damage to the head and neck of the left femur but we're still unsure. And that's it. Now don't misunderstand me it's certainly enough, but without side curtain airbags her head would have hit the glass and with an impact at approximately 80 mph we'd be dealing with something that two surgeries could not fix. And I have no clue how you explain that to a child. But it should be two surgeries plus months & months of recovery and I think she'll be just about perfect! But we're taking it one day at a time.

It's been a crazy few days and they have been the longest days (but then again when you're up at 5am and still up at almost midnight, then it is a long day. I'll probably pass out any moment.)

Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers!