Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas Tea!

December always brings fun things to do with little ones and this year like the last, I went with my Mom and Grandmother to Teddy Bear Tea with my lovely niece, Roo! We had a wonderful time, and like most kids Roo was thrilled to get to see Santa, and what little girl doesn't want to hug an Ice Princess, and Rudolph! Rudolph did startle her a bit when he hugged her and swung her around a bit. At that point she was only okay with smiling and waving at him from a far. But the moment she saw Santa she wanted to take a picture with him, at least until we were about two feet away from him. That's when it all changed and she would not take a picture with him. So aunt Colleen had to jump in and take a picture with that precious girl. It did take a couple pictures for her to cheer up and smile for the camera. As a whole she had a blast, until she had here fill of cookies and sandwiches, and was tired and ready to go home. I can't blame her though she had a full day!  And the trip across the bridge is exhausting alone!

Like any good aunt we started the day off by downloading some  kid friendly games onto the tablet to give Roo something to do on the drive to the tea.

Checking out the gingerbread houses before the tea. 1'oclock teas are  great, but I think that we decided that next year we will bring a little snack, because this girl was starving! :)

After the tea we went back to my parent's house and decorated their Christmas tree. I think my Mom was pretty excited to have a little one decorating the tree.

Unfortuantely, I could only take pictures with my phone because I thought that I left my camera at home. However, it had actually fallen out of my purse and was in my car the entire time (I just found it yesterday).

Isn't she just precious! I should get to see her for Christmas too! I just love all of my nieces and nephew! And I cannot wait to meet both of my husband's nieces after Christmas! Only bummer is having to wait for this summer to meet Bug and Little Man's little sister who will enter the family next month! So many babies! It makes my heart happy!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Finally Done!

As this semester came to an end I was a bit overwhelmed with spending time with family and studying. There just hasn't been much time where I felt like blogging! So my Project 52 failed this year, but it was fun and I'm sure that I'll enjoy looking back at it. What a crazy year it has been! And while I might not have gotten exactly the grades that I wanted this semester, I did my best and that's all that I could do! Unfortunately, right now it looks like clinicals will have to wait another year, and even if this isn't ideal it gives me time to work on another post BSN option and my minors.

Now I'm going to enjoy a wonderful weekend with my husband and some cuddle time with Sophie, who is feeling a bit needy and cuddly at the moment! Have a great weekend!

Friday, November 23, 2012

So Grateful

I am so very grateful for having an amazing husband who not only supports me and my dreams and aspirations, but encourages me and pushes me to do better and achieve my goals. When we first talked about moving and me continuing to pursue a career in nursing and probably a masters (I'm thinking Certified Nurse Midwife, have I mentioned this yet?) and maybe even something else along the same lines, I was urged to take a break from the workforce and focus solely on school. I was resistant to the idea. I was thinking that I'm a smart, capable, hard working woman and I can do it all and still make A's. In my defense I had done just that the fall after we were married and I was working 40 hours a week as a Phlebotomist and taking 16 hours of online courses in a program that was considered pretty difficult, but I did make 2 B's and I am a stickler now for straight A's (once you do it you don't want anything but perfection.) Now a month away from the end of my first semester at UWF I am so thankful that I am not working right now. I have been so busy with school that there is no way that I would be able to do this well and work full time and honestly even part time would be a challenge.

So grateful that we are able to financially allow for me to drive two hours a day to get to school and back and continue to make my full focus on school. All in all it is the best choice for our family.

Trying to enjoy some wonderful time with family this weekend! Love spending time with some of my favorite people! Project 52 will likely be up early next week, but I rarely post them on time anyway...

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Let's Talk About Fall: Family

In my opinion the best part about the holidays is getting to spend time with family. Growing up I definitely didn't appreciate it as much as I do now. And while I loved spending time with my family (mainly family other than my parents and siblings), I'm not sure that I truly loved and appreciated it as much as I do now. Also, now I appreciate the time with my immediate family now, but that's not really surprising now is it? As adults we have a far better appreciation for family (at least I think most of us do.)

And as always I'm super excited to get to see one of my favorite nieces (ROO!!!). I will be missing my Bug and Little Man, along with my sister this year, but July will be here before I know it and I'll get to see them and meet the newest edition to their family! Can't wait to hug those little ones and hear that little guy's belly laughs! But until then I'll be more than satisfied by Roo's precious giggles!

The only rotten thing is that since Tye's family lives so far away from us and my family we have to pick who to spend which holiday with each year. So we will be spending Christmas with his family and I'll get to hug his precious nieces!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Project 52! Fourty Six

New Toys

AKA early Christmas presents... My husband got a new toy recently. After much back and forth, and talks of budgets and job security, we decided that he should go for it and get this bike. It's some special edition that neither dealership could guarantee they'd receive another this year. So we went for it and my husband was about as excited as a kid on Christmas. While I'm still loving my early Christmas present, I think he wins best present this year. :) Keep in mind that I did get a new vehicle this year as well.

I got the idea for my Project 52 from Styleberry!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Project 52! Fourty Five

Every vote counts!

I've debated about making this my P52 for the week, but here it goes... Regardless of whether your guy (or my guy) won this week or not, the important thing is that you (and I) got out and voted. These races keep getting tighter and the issues keep getting more important (or maybe I'm just getting older and realize that they are important). Regardless of the winner all we can do at this point is hope that things for all of our families don't get worse (I'm quite worried that they may cut our health coverage since we do rely on Tricare, and hoping that my husbands slight shift in career path will save him from further military cuts). I know really positive, right?

Now I'm back to studying! I am so very ready for finals week and to have a little break! Thankfully we're getting close!

I got the idea for my Project 52 from Styleberry!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Project 52! Fourty Four


Or lack there of.... Halloween was a complete bust over here and we have way too much candy left. Unfortunately my willpower is basically nil so I've eaten far to much of the left overs. However, hopefully my husband will remember to take the left overs to work so that it will no longer be in the house. Also I'm pretty sure that I've eaten so much at this point that the thought of candy kind of sickens me right now... But even if we didn't get many trick-or-treaters, I'm glad that we had candy for them. Nothing worse than making the "holiday" stink for the wee ones!

I got the idea for my Project 52 from Styleberry!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Project 52! Forty Three


 Today we spent some time checking out the local attractions at the Gulfarium. All in all it was just okay. The fish tank was neat with quite a few tropical fish. And since mu husband love looking at fish we spent the majority of our 1.5 hour visit watching the fish waiting for the dolphin show. It was probably the least exciting dolphin show I've seen, but with their small tank there wasn't much else they could do. We will not be going back simply because the price just isn't worth it. The fish were pretty to look at though... :)

Apparently for Halloween they decided to put carved pumpkins in the fish tank. Seems a bit odd to me but the fish were into it.

I got the idea for my Project 52 from Styleberry!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Let's Talk About Fall: Fragrance

It's almost here! The past few weeks the mornings here have been perfect mid to low sixties! I just love it! Some of the best stuff happens in or after fall. Of course, there's the warm and spicy scents, the yummy food, clothes (sweaters, boots, and coats! EEK!), and spending time with family! But the closer we get to fall the closer we get to the end of this with this semester and hopefully only one more away from clinicals.

So I thought that we'd do a little "series" of some of my fall faves. And we'll start with scents! For a couple years I worked at Bath and Body works and I love their candles. Let me preface this with the fact that I cannot stand apples neither scent nor taste, although I'm really trying to fix this problem (I look at things like candies apples and which that I liked the taste of apples), but anyway here we go!

My absolute favorite fall scent! Honestly I smell this and I think falling leaves and curling up by a fire and warm clothes all the wonderful things of fall!

Very similar to creamy nutmeg, which was an amazingly warm perfect fall and winter scent!

I think that this one speaks for itself. Cinnamon nut bread and fall? Yes, Please!

This one may be more of an acquired taste, but it's pretty much amazing. And it will fill your house with some yummy butterscotch goodness!
This one is a bit more Christmas, but when you live in the south fall weather begins just a month or so away from Christmas, before you know it you'll be leaving fall behind and prepping for Christmas.
This is my all time favorite home fragrance scent. Whether it's Winter or summer I will burn this scent! Why? Because it is amazing! It smells just like freshly iced cake (or cupcakes, whatever...)! Who needs an excuse to have their house smelling like cupcakes? Not me!

Well I hope you enjoyed! Be on the look out for future fall posts! Also if you do decide to pick up these scents keep in mind that the big candles are definitely the way to go, but the $20 price tag can be a bit much! So if you can wait for 2 for $20 sales, you won't regret it!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Project 52! Fourty Two

What a weekend

This weekend was a bit lacking in fun. My husband was away for work in New Hampshire and I spent the entirety of it on the couch catching up on homework with the help of my Sophie. She doesn't really appreciate her space, my lap, being occupied by various bits of technology and usually seeks out cuddle time when I grab my tablet, laptop, or kindle. maybe she just figures that I'll be there for a while and that it is a perfect time to sneak in some nap time. By the way she is back to being a purring machine again and I couldn't be happier!

Also we are back to trying to get Sophie to not hate Ivan, but it's slow going... And the plus of Tye going out of town this weekend is that he returned with 6 beautiful lobster! We cooked 2 last night and we will be cooking the rest tonight, but only eating 2 more. I just need to figure out what to do with the cold already cooked ones, since we have to boil them tonight while they're still alive... So yummy!

I got the idea for my Project 52 from Styleberry!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Still Standing!

I'm still alive! Between school and life and P90X, I haven't taken a single picture (hopefully I'll be able to post a P52 this week!) Not only that but when I'm writing an English paper every week, about South Park no less, it's really hard to sit down and write on the blog. I was also hoping to share a little about a special girl (Roo!) that I got to visit a couple weekends ago, but I didn't bring my phone or camera and didn't snap a single picture. My husband has been flying quite a bit, which is good, but they've been night flight which means that he isn't home until long after I'm in bed. It's just been crazy around here.

And yes, I mentioned that we are doing P90X, I have tried it a few times in the past and given up within a few weeks and never actually made it through a full weeks workout. But I'm proud to say that I've completed 2 full weeks and this week will also be very successful. Results so far? I think my tummy is flattening back out a bit, which was looking less than flat form hospital food ( somewhat less than healthy, shocker! I'll have to keep this in mind next time around) and testing out a ton of new restaurants cocktails included. But we're getting back on track and in the next 11 weeks these pesky five pounds should be long gone and I should have a bit more muscle to help me fight off some tasty holiday food.

So I'm still here! And while posting will likely still be sporadic especially since I have to start studying for my nursing clinicals entrance test soon along with my other classes. So thankful that I don't have to work right now because I would be going crazy right now!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Project 52! Thirty Eight

 I miss the little ones!!!

Baby Bug!
This week was filled with moments that made me miss some very special little ones. It breaks my heart to be so far away from them for such a long time. Almost two months ago I saw them at my parent's house before they moved to California, and that is by far the longest I've gone without seeing these cuties! And man do I miss some sweet hugs from my Bug and getting Little Man to laugh. He has the best belly laugh, and I could listen to it all day!

Little Man about a year ago!
This week was Bug's seventh birthday and the first time I haven't been able to celebrate with her, and right now she is partying in Disney Land! I know she must be having a blast and Little Man's probably having a blast as well!

Bug and Little Man's new little sister!
I also got to see the first picture of my new niece, and Bug is so excited that she gets to have a sister. Little Man doesn't know what he's in for now that he'll be surrounded by girls! Also can you believe how similar these three babies look? The moment I saw this sonogram I though, "Oh wow, she looks just like [Bug]!"

2 day old Roo!
To be completely honest the lack of hugs and chubby cheeks is giving me a bit of the dreaded "fever," but luckily I get to see Miss Roo next weekend. Although her cheeks have lost their baby chub, her sweet smile melts my heart! And as for the "fever" it's going to have to wait a few years until after I finish nursing clinicals.

Note: I feel like I need to apologize that none of these pictures are new with the exception of the sonogram picture, which was snapped and posted on facebook by my sister. But this is the best way to tell you about my week, which is the purpose of my P52!

I got the idea for my Project 52 from Styleberry!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Rough Week

Last week was super rough and posting was so far down on my to do list that it just never happened. The previous weekend we had friends visiting and had a blast! But that, unfortunately, means that I didn't work on school stuff and, subsequently ended up with a ton of work throughout the week. Add in an exceptional long day of classes in Wednesday (9am-7:30 pm) and I was beat when I finally got home, but still had to do homework. Thankfully the paper that I attempted to write on Thursday night didn't get turned in until today (not due until this Wednesday), because when I proofread it last night it was terrible! I basically had to rewrite the first paragraph and trash the second.

This week I'm much more on top of everything and next week will start my first round of tests, wish me luck!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Project 52! Thirty Seven

Getting Better

I finally think we've made progress! Sophie seems to be getting her apatite back even if that does include a new found interest in human food. We've run out of chicken flavored treats, and she's not a fan of fish flavors, so last week I gave her a small piece of grilled chicken. After a moment spent checking it out to ensure that what I was giving her was indeed edible she couldn't eat it fast enough. Let me say that while I love my cats, I'm not one to cook food for them. The best they usually get is Blue Buffalo wet and dry food. And under normal circumstances wet food is a treat, but she won't touch the dry stuff anymore, and it's kinda making me crazy. But if I can get my anorexic to eat I'll feed her just about anything.

She purred Monday night during a bedtime cuddle! I was so thrilled! I haven't heard it since but I'll take what I can get.

We have another follow up appointment this Saturday, and hopefully we'll make it through without a seizure since she is currently not taking the phenobarbital. I'm also hoping that she can get all of her vaccinations so that we don't have to go back until it's time for her dental cleaning.

As a whole she's getting better. We still have a ways to go but we are making progress. My main goal right now is to fatten her up! She's eating more, but not enough!

I got the idea for my Project 52 from Styleberry!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Project 52! Thirty six


This week was my first full week, and it went quite well. Nothing really important to report. But my professor seem nice enough, even if one thinks that her course is the most important class ever when the only reason anyone is taking it is because it's required by the school. Even so I think it's going be a pretty good semester as long as I can this financial aid figured out.

I got the idea for my Project 52 from Styleberry!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

New Toy

Today my tablet came in! Can we t walk about what a nerd I am? I felt like a kid on Christmas! It's will come in super handy for school! Notes and textbooks easily accessed from one device. Plus I can only imagine how handy this device will be for clinicals next fall ( hopefully I'll get in on my first attempt).

How are classes going so far? I can't complain! So far my professors seem okay. And m I don't think that anything will be too terribly difficult! However, my  South Park  themed composition class seems a bit odd.

How's Sophie doing?  Well... Personality wise she's very close to her normal self, which is wonderful. But with every good ( with this cat) there's always something bad. The bad right now is that she's still not eating much at all! I am so frustrated! We have completely stopped her phenobarbital and she barely eats 3 ounces of food each day. It's getting to be pretty ridiculous at this point and I'm wondering if there isn't something else wrong with her... For now we are just waiting for her next appointment to see what the vet has to say. And I can only hope that she won't have a seizure at the vet because we took her off the medicine. I may put her back on at a very low dose next week to prepare her for her visit, since seizures are not fun for anyone.

Also Tye claims that she's been purring, but I can't verify that information since I haven't heard a thing...

Monday, September 3, 2012

Not Much Happening Here

This weekend has been pretty relaxed at our house. We were supposed to have some friends in but that pesky Hurricane Isaac put a wrench in those plans, but they should be coming to visit next weekend.So Saturday we got an early start and went shopping and spent too much money. The majority of the money we spent went to three new leather jackets from the Wilson's Leather outlet. Two jackets for me and one for Tye. Now I'm waiting for some cold weather so that I can wear them. But, on the other hand, the beach weather can stick around a little longer.

Sunday we were pretty lazy and didn't get going until the afternoon. We planned on beginning the day with some P90X, but in the move we seem to have misplaced my resistance bands. By the time we gave up looking it was too late and too hot for bike riding and it's a good thing we just skipped all together, because when we went to the beach later that day we found that the road along the coast was still closed. But we did enjoy our evening at the beach even if the water wasn't as clear as it usually is and the edge of the water was littered with shells.

Nothing on the agenda for today, except for getting some school work finished for tomorrow.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Project 52! Thirty Five


The storm blew through the Florida Panhandle with little effect. And we spent the day running errands in preparation for power loss, which never happened. We also did some boat shopping. Well it was more of an exploratory mission, since we have no plans to buy a boat until next year. After running around town for a bit we headed to the beach to check out the water and it was awesome! 

Obviously not a beach day when the waves are taking over the steps...

If you've never seen Florida beaches this may not look too bad, but the water is usually blue and pretty calm. Under normal conditions there aren't as many white caped waves and definitely not that sand filled.

All in all we got off easy. My parents have no power or phone service and can't really get too far out of their neighborhood due to flood water. They're hoping to get power back by the end of the weekend. My grandparent's are pretty much in the same situation, however with a generator, but they will probably be without power for at least a week. 

Trust me, living in South Louisiana without power in early September is pretty much miserable. I'm just hoping that the water stops rising and starts receding soon, since the flooding is pretty bad right now.

Hopefully next week I'll have some other stuff to blog about instead of weather... :)

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Vacation at My House

When Tye and I found out that we were moving to the Florida Panhandle we knew it would bring friends and family for visits and I couldn't be happier. After a month or so of getting settled on our own we have now started to pick up with our guests. Two weeks a go my parents headed this way for a little get away and birthday celebration for my mom and while they didn't stay with us it was nice having them in the area for a few days. Today we said goodbye (and good luck on their trip home) to Tye's parents, sister, and brother-in-law. We had a good time hanging out at the beach (although I had to get some reading in for school yesterday) and ate some good seafood. Plus they brought our new couches. I'm pretty excited to have ore than just a recliner in the living room!

This weekend we will have some North Louisiana friends coming in  for a visit! It should be a fun weekend and maybe we'll get a little bike ride in too. It's been two weeks and I'm ready for another beach ride!

A huge plus with having guests over frequently is that I have to keep the house clean. And vacuuming once a week is certainly not a bad idea!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Hurricane a Coming!

When the weekend started we thought once Tuesday rolled around we'd be facing a direct hit from Hurricane Isaac. However, today it looks far more likely that we'll get quite a bit of rain and wind the brunt of the storm will be going after my parents. And hopefully send some rain to the Midwest.

My parents have taken proper precautions, and my dad cut down some potentially dangerous limbs and trees. Their house post-Katrina was surrounded with tree debris to the point were you could barely get to the front door. And to top that off we luckily had no major damage. Thankfully this storm will be no Katrina, since right now it's only predicted to be a Cat1.

Here, we'll likely loose electricity for a bit, but with a generator we won't be sweating it out too badly. We might board up, but I'm not sure it's really necessary anymore; and we have plenty of water and snack type food to get us through a few days, since that's likely going to be as long the power will be out. We can live on peanut butter sandwiches, Kashi bars, cereal, and Pop Chips for a few days if necessary, and if it's not then we'll know better for next time. As long as we're in Florida there will always be a next time...


The University has been shut down until Thursday. I was able to get some prep work done yesterday in preparation for classes that I was going to have today, but now I have to be prepared for my professors to rush through some of this material to get us back on schedule. Super awesome to have class canceled before the semester even starts...

Friday, August 24, 2012

Project 52! Thirty Four

Stormy Beach Days

Do you see that yellow flag? It was a bit windy!
This past weekend my parents came in town to celebrate my mom's birthday with a trip to the beach! On Saturday we were able to to spend the day with them and it was a beautiful sunny day until this lovely storm blew through. At least they were able to get in some time at the beach after looking at condos (thy plan on moving this way once my dad retires!) and before this storm.

We're hoping that this storm which we should be getting next week won't blow us away!