Friday, February 24, 2012

Project 52! Eight

Life is Messy!!!

This morning I had a completely different idea for this post and then a terrible little kitty decided that a devious act would make him the star of this blog. After cleaning out the litter box and Ivan making a  mess of it by jumping around in the fresh litter and kicking it all over the floor around the box he discovered his favorite thing in the house to mess with... Tye's bird of paradise... This poor plant barely survived though his former roommate's bull terrier, but I think Ivan is determined to finish it off. We may have to completely replace it when we move (to.... FLORIDA!!!!) this summer. 

More on the move later! :)

The worst part is that after confining him to the bathroom again, about 20 minutes after I let him out when I got home from work, he knocked it over a second time. Thankfully the mess wasn't as bad the second time, most likely because most of the loose soil was knocked out the first time...

I got the idea for Project 52 from Styleberry!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Thoughtful Message of the Month

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Monday, February 20, 2012

It was fun while it lasted?

Sometimes you just need a good break up! And no I do not mean with my husband! It looks like I'm breaking it off with P90X. The only thing that could possible be considered fun was being able tell that I was getting stronger each week of the three that I sort of completed I could tell that my push and pull ups were getting better along with all the other many things P90x puts you through...

Why did we not work out? Well... I just can not devote 1 to 1.5 hours to exercise 6 days a week! Especailly when it is exercise that I hate! I don't like watching work out videos, since for me they get really boring. The only work out videos that I can watch for an extended period are the Skinny B*tch DVDs, because the girls are entertaining and they talk about how much the move are hurting them and they say they want to stop but can't... However in the end, I got bored of those too...

Is this the end? Nope I have another plan up my sleeve! Beach body and tight abs, here I come!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Project 52! Seven

Life is Unexpected! 

  Last week my dad found out that his Krewe had an empty float and that the Board decided to fill it with former maids. After a week of debating and figuring out the financial aspect my sister and I decided to ride. So Friday night I donned my wedding dress (we had to wear white dresses) and boarded the float! 

Happy Mardi Gras! 

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Plans change

After getting my living room spotlessly clean the cats seemed to be getting along a little better. But our other ways of helping Sophie cope with crazy  little Ivan have changed too.

Original plans:

1) Locking Ivan away int he bathroom while I'm at work or sleeping (which equals about 17 hours on an average work day). Still doing this? Nope. Why? First, 17 hours a day locked in a bathroom is going to make for one very unhappy cat long term, plus make an already hyperactive kitten even more hyperactive. Secondly, we moved Sophie's litter box out of the front room where we  believe the oil incident occurred (more on the litter box movement later) which eliminates the hazard and removes the need for locking him up in the first place.

2) Double litter boxes. Still doing this? Yep. Why? It is supposed to relieve stress, because each cat does their business in their own smell. Technically (according to the experts) we should have a litter box for each cat plus an additional litter box, but two is my limit.

3) Putting something that smells like the other animal under the food bowl so that they associate the others' smell with something good. Still doing this? Yes Why? I don't know if it actually is helping but it's simple so I'm not stopping it yet. When I originally put the towel down Sophie didn't eat for two days (She's a fatty, she can sustain herself for a few days, so I wasn't worried). The only problem is Ivan strange need to cover the food dish with the towel...

New plans:

1) Move the Sophie's litter box into the kitchen. We chose the kitchen because it is the main area and has tile floors (litter and carpet is no good in my opinion). Why I like this idea? First, it's much harder to forget about cleaning the litter box (or emptying the tray) when you walk by it numerous times a day, and sit and eat in the room with with it... Also, Tye has heard that taking away hiding spots helps antisocial cats (*cough cough*.... Sophie...*cough cough*) become more social. And finally, moving the litter box means that we are able to cut off access to the front bedroom where it is believed the oil incident occurred. Why I don't like it? Litter box in the kitchen... Enough said I think.... Oh AND Ivan has now decided that Sophie's litter box is his new sandbox but does his "business" in his own. And we wonder why Sophie doesn't like him?

2) Constantly finding and eliminating Sophie's hiding spots in the living room. Why I like it? If it works can I really complain? Why I don't like it? The love seat is a little in the way now and I have a feeling that I'll be moving the couch next. But designers do say to "float your furniture" meaning not push it against the walls, but I think we need new, updated furniture before we can be trendy (which will be making an appearance in our new home in the quite near future, since it has thankfully been decided that these things will not be leaving this house!)

3) Trying to keep Ivan entertained and wear him out! Why I like it? Well even if I wasn't a fan, then Sophie would love for his energy level to drop a couple notches. Sophie is pretty lazy. In her pre-Ivan days she would hang out and sleep/relax all day except for about 5 minutes of "hyper time," when she'd race from the front of the house to the back and all you would hear is the sound of the rabies tag on her collar and her claws getting traction on the carpet. Now imagine how she feels when Spazmo wants to chase her and play with her all day. Why I don't like it? ....I think it's an impossible task... I think he has an infinite energy reserve, but in reality I don't not like it. How am I doing this? I play with him with his toys when before work and sometimes after. I cannot, however just rough him up with my hands like I used to do with Sophie (pre-Ivan), as he has a bit of a thing with biting. I also stash his toys and swap them out every few days. (I think that he has started hiding the toys because I cannot seem to find them anywhere along with my lip balm.)

Cellphone picture in the dark... Not a great pic, but I love the way Sophie is stretched out.

In the end we must be making the right choices, because Sophie is getting more relaxed around Ivan. She still has no interest in playing with him, but we're making progress!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Project 52! Six

Life is Ever Changing

 After a little house cleaning this week it seems that Sophie is a little more relaxed and Ivan is his same spastic trouble making self. Hopefully this is a step in the right direction!

By the way sorry for the terrible grainy Droid pictures, but that's all I have this week...

I got the idea for Project 52 from Styleberry!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Two steps forward....

...And way too many back. While I had high hopes for things between the cats being better by now it appears that is not the case and I think that it may almost be worse.

Sophie wants nothing to do with Ivan at all and gets really irritated when he's anywhere near her.

But I do have some ideas that might help...

1) Separate them by putting  Ivan in the bathroom most of the day. This way Sophie has full run of the house and can sniff at him through the door on occasion. Why I like the idea? As I'm sure you know from this post. In order to keep Ivan safe and out of trouble it is probably best for him to be kept locked away. Plus many experts recommend this when introducing new cats to the home. Why I don't like the idea? First I'm worried that it won't work and that Ivan has been in the house too long and Sophie will never adjust. But also I hate the he's stuck in a room with no window and at night he has no light. Unfortunately this room is the only option, since I try to keep the guest bed room cat free and we have wedding gifts (which we aren't opening until we move into a new house this summer) in there and as he is terrible and get into everything that he shouldn't. You get the picture. This leaves the guest bathroom. It's easy to clean and has a good amount of space and he can't get into too much trouble in there. But I felt bad shutting him in and turning out the light. Maybe I'll pick up a night light tomorrow.

2) Double the litter boxes. Why I like it? The experts say that the cats need their own spaces. Why I don't like it? One litter box is a pain to clean on it's own. Now I have to clean out two... I'm liking this idea less and less. But I don't have a choice when I lock Ivan away all day and night.

3) Putting something that smells like the other animal under the food bowl so that they associate the others smell with something good. Why I like it? It's easy and pretty straight forward. Why I don't? This one worries me a bit with dogs. While I get the concept I feel like their more likely to think that kitty is yummy...

I don't know if any of these will work. Right now I think Sophie is just happy that Ivan is locked away and she doesn't have to deal with him. I'll give these a try for a little while but I can't keep him shut away for too long just like I can't let Sophie stay so stressed that she won't let me pet her....

Ugh! Why can't they all just get along?

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Project 52! Five

Life is About Being Proud of Your Accomplishments!

It looks like all of my hard work has paid off! This is my first time being on the Dean's List and I'm super excited! This is a start to many more to come!

Also I am really bad about checking the mail regularly. Most of the time it is so packed full that I'm pretty sure they might think that no one lives here.

Have a great week!

I got the idea for Project 52 from StyleBerry!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Working on my fitness!

Last week I started P90X! And first I would like to say that I know quite a few people that have tried it and for whatever reason have quit or in the end there bodies look nothing like the before and afters that they show on the commercials.I have decided to do it with a couple friends of mine and we have promised ourselves and each other that we would not quit until we finish each of the 90 days.

Now that I am a week and a half into the 13 week program let me say that I have seen zero physical results so far, but remember I said that I am 1.5 weeks into a 13 week program. Add to that the fact that I am a size small to x-small depending on the store. So no I don't expect to see results very fast at all. On the other hand I have energy! I do work out on occasion, but normally not on a regular basis. I have always known that exercise releases endorphins which gives you energy and makes you happy! So why don't I do it? Because it's so dang hard to see the benefits of exercise from the couch or the bed. They're just so comfy!

Wish me luck! I'll keep you up to date on how it goes!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Ivan the Terrible!

This morning when I woke up and walked into the living I was welcomed as usual by Ivan. At first glance it appeared that he made a mess of the water dish, but when I picked him up and touched the spot I discovered that it was some oily or waxy substance. I quickly scanned the living room and kitchen looking for what he might have gotten into and found nothing. Then I snatched my phone on the way to the bathroom to call my husband to see if he had any clue what Ivan might have gotten into. (He had no idea, but I think it's something that was used for the bathroom.)

I attempted to wash the oily substance off with his gentle kitten shampoo but it couldn't cut through the grease. I then wrapped him up in a towel and went to the kitchen to get dish soap. (We didn't have Dawn but I didn't have time to worry about that. Plus I was more concerned with him licking the spot and ingesting whatever he was covered in.) Along the way to and from the kitchen I sent more texts to my husband, looked a little harder for whatever Ivan got into (to no avail), and called the vet to see if I needed to do anything else (the tech said that if he wasn't vomiting, then he was probably ok.)

After another bath, this time with dish soap, he was finally clean. And he has an appointment with the vet tomorrow morning for routine shots and to get his hemorrhoid checked again, as it has yet to heal and almost looks worse today.

Before leaving for work I emptied the guest bathroom and ensured that the closet was securely closed. Then I  set up a litterbox, some food, water, his bed, and a few toys before shutting him in while I went to work. I also tied ribbon around the cabinet handles just to ensue that he cannot get into any more trouble.
He will have to remain in the bathroom when I leave until I can figure out what he got into. Hopefully after work and P90X I can do some cleaning and will be able to find it.

Thankfully Sophie was not involved in Ivan's misbehaving so she was free to roam the house. I'm sure she's having a wonderful day, unless she discovers the grease, or whatever it is, because then I'll have to lock her up too.

On another note. This is why puppies go in crates. They cannot be trusted to follow the rules and stay out if trouble when you aren't home. Clearly the same is true for kittens...
What a mess.... As my Mom says, "There's never a dull moment." And I'm sure that will become even more true as our family grows with more 4 legged little ones (and not so little ones)