Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Not according to plan

Yesterday I took Sophie to the vet. A couple weeks ago I noticed that her tail was bent a little about two inches from the base. Our appointment was yesterday and we headed out with plenty of time to spare and without much fuss about getting into the crate.

All was fine on the trip there. Sophie meowed like she always does during car rides. Throughout the drive I was thinking how I couldn't believe that I was going to the vet in Destin! I've wanted to live here for the longest time and it's finally happened, thanks to my husband. When we arrived I grabbed her crate and headed in.

I was two steps in the door when she started going crazy. For a moment I thought she was panicking about being in the pet store. When I peaked through the front I saw that she was having a seizure. Her body was quite rigid, she was laying on her side, and moving her legs as if she was running. I quickly ran to the back of the store to the vet's. I checked her out again before they snatched her up and got to work, and her eyes were dilated and she was drooling (not sure that's an accurate term when it comes to cats, but it wasn't vomit as it was clear.)

After about an hour medicine was given and she was returned to me obviously drugged. Not much was done about the tail, which I'm not too thrilled about. But she had a rough day and maybe x-rays weren't the best idea. Add to that we are going back next month so we can address it again then if it's still an issue.

I was sent home with meds to prevent seizures and an anti-inflammatory for her tail. Also instructions to keep her relaxed and away from Ivan until Wednesday morning. Unfortunately the only place that can house a litter box and give her space to roam free of Ivan and that is the master bed room and bath. I have a feeling that this will be a very noisy night, between Ivan wanting in and Sophie wanting out. Just waiting for Wednesday.

My poor Sophie. All doped up and trying so hard to relax.  :(
Instead of spending the evening unpacking and straightening I cuddled and comforted my poor sick "child". Somethings are more important than boxes.

Also I've seen adults seize before, but there's something about seeing a creature you care about shake and move so violently that scared the heck out of me...

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