Friday, August 31, 2012

Project 52! Thirty Five


The storm blew through the Florida Panhandle with little effect. And we spent the day running errands in preparation for power loss, which never happened. We also did some boat shopping. Well it was more of an exploratory mission, since we have no plans to buy a boat until next year. After running around town for a bit we headed to the beach to check out the water and it was awesome! 

Obviously not a beach day when the waves are taking over the steps...

If you've never seen Florida beaches this may not look too bad, but the water is usually blue and pretty calm. Under normal conditions there aren't as many white caped waves and definitely not that sand filled.

All in all we got off easy. My parents have no power or phone service and can't really get too far out of their neighborhood due to flood water. They're hoping to get power back by the end of the weekend. My grandparent's are pretty much in the same situation, however with a generator, but they will probably be without power for at least a week. 

Trust me, living in South Louisiana without power in early September is pretty much miserable. I'm just hoping that the water stops rising and starts receding soon, since the flooding is pretty bad right now.

Hopefully next week I'll have some other stuff to blog about instead of weather... :)

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Vacation at My House

When Tye and I found out that we were moving to the Florida Panhandle we knew it would bring friends and family for visits and I couldn't be happier. After a month or so of getting settled on our own we have now started to pick up with our guests. Two weeks a go my parents headed this way for a little get away and birthday celebration for my mom and while they didn't stay with us it was nice having them in the area for a few days. Today we said goodbye (and good luck on their trip home) to Tye's parents, sister, and brother-in-law. We had a good time hanging out at the beach (although I had to get some reading in for school yesterday) and ate some good seafood. Plus they brought our new couches. I'm pretty excited to have ore than just a recliner in the living room!

This weekend we will have some North Louisiana friends coming in  for a visit! It should be a fun weekend and maybe we'll get a little bike ride in too. It's been two weeks and I'm ready for another beach ride!

A huge plus with having guests over frequently is that I have to keep the house clean. And vacuuming once a week is certainly not a bad idea!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Hurricane a Coming!

When the weekend started we thought once Tuesday rolled around we'd be facing a direct hit from Hurricane Isaac. However, today it looks far more likely that we'll get quite a bit of rain and wind the brunt of the storm will be going after my parents. And hopefully send some rain to the Midwest.

My parents have taken proper precautions, and my dad cut down some potentially dangerous limbs and trees. Their house post-Katrina was surrounded with tree debris to the point were you could barely get to the front door. And to top that off we luckily had no major damage. Thankfully this storm will be no Katrina, since right now it's only predicted to be a Cat1.

Here, we'll likely loose electricity for a bit, but with a generator we won't be sweating it out too badly. We might board up, but I'm not sure it's really necessary anymore; and we have plenty of water and snack type food to get us through a few days, since that's likely going to be as long the power will be out. We can live on peanut butter sandwiches, Kashi bars, cereal, and Pop Chips for a few days if necessary, and if it's not then we'll know better for next time. As long as we're in Florida there will always be a next time...


The University has been shut down until Thursday. I was able to get some prep work done yesterday in preparation for classes that I was going to have today, but now I have to be prepared for my professors to rush through some of this material to get us back on schedule. Super awesome to have class canceled before the semester even starts...

Friday, August 24, 2012

Project 52! Thirty Four

Stormy Beach Days

Do you see that yellow flag? It was a bit windy!
This past weekend my parents came in town to celebrate my mom's birthday with a trip to the beach! On Saturday we were able to to spend the day with them and it was a beautiful sunny day until this lovely storm blew through. At least they were able to get in some time at the beach after looking at condos (thy plan on moving this way once my dad retires!) and before this storm.

We're hoping that this storm which we should be getting next week won't blow us away!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Just a Purr

For the last few weeks that's all I've wanted to hear is a little rumble of a purr from Sophie. She's still not eating very much, and I'm lucky if I can get her to eat one three ounce can of wet food every day. Occasionally she'll eat a bite or two of dry food and seems to actually swallow it now. Along with that, she's sleeping a lot, doesn't want to be touched and definitely not held.

So between practically force feeding her, and shoving pills down her throat twice a day I'm really not her favorite person. But thankfully she still chooses to cuddle with me on occasion, maybe she realizes that I'm not trying to make her life miserable.

We had yet another vet visit yesterday and the Dr agreed that the dose is too high for her so we're halving the amount for a week to see if she goes back to normal. If that doesn't work we keep halving until we reach an amount that she can tolerate. The other problem is that she is down to  7.6 lbs (she should weigh close to 10 lbs) so there's a chance that we might have to up the amount once she reaches a healthy weight. But at least we have a plan to help her get better.

Unfortunately, her doctor did not feel that it was a good idea to give her the vaccinations yesterday, which are due next month, since she is so underweight and he would really like for her medication to be at the right dosage before we pump her full of other medications.

I also have to start keeping a log of her intake, output, mood, and behavior for her appointment next month. I wish we didn't have to drive an hour to get to the vet, but at least with the Banfield wellness plan we don't have to pay anything extra to visit the vet. And to take both cats in all I paid for was Sophie's phenobarbital. I cannot be more thankful for their plan and cannot imagine paying full price for the visit yesterday which would have been about $100. Yikes!

Hopefully we can get her medication regulated this week and she'll be back to her normal self. And let's also hope that this storm that's headed our way doesn't require us to evacuate...

Friday, August 17, 2012

Project 52! Thirty Three

Cycling Progress

For the past three weekends my husband and I have been hitting the beach on our bikes. There's a road that runs right along the beach and it makes for a lovely ride, albeit HOT! The first week I had it at about 11 miles, the following weekend we increased that to almost 15, and this past weekend I made it to 20! I'm not in the best shape and the last half mile was killer but it felt amazing! And to make it even better.... I haven't fallen off my bike since we moved! YAY!

Have a great weekend and get outside! Enjoy the sun and warm weather!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Cat Move Part 3

Start with parts one and two!

After the initial part of the move we had to head back for another round leaving Sophie and Ivan at the house. I wasn't really worried about it, since they've been living together for about six months.  We had stopped by the Banfield in Destin to transfer their information and set up an appointment to have Sophie's tail looked at since it had a bit of a kink in it, and I was worried is might be fractured or dislocated. If I only knew then what I was in store for...

We went back to Louisiana, and packed up the last of our stuff. Then it was back to Florida to unpack. And then we were off to Destin to enjoy some time together on the beach courtesy of my parents. On Sunday we got back from the beach and Monday Sophie had her appointment with the vet.

Up until the moment we walked into Petsmart I thought Sophie was adjusting well. She was eating and seemed fairly relaxed. She and Ivan would relax on opposite sides of the house and they were fighting a little less than normal. Sophie was still not really playing much, but that has become such a constant since Ivan that I wasn't really looking for it. But then the seizure happened and a week later I went out of town to visit my sister and her kids while they were at my mom's house. (Have I mentioned that they are moving to California? AND she's pregnant again?!?) I had to get one last visit in before they left and I don't know when I'll get to see them again. :(

Before I left we were keeping Sophie in our bedroom to reduce her stress level caused by Ivan, and we planned to get baby gates set up to reintroduce the cats in hopes that we can get them to like each other.

Unfortunately at some point after I returned Sophie stopped eating. It seems that she has suddenly decided that she doesn't like the food we're giving her so we're going to try some alternatives. We have a follow up appointment on the 22nd and hopefully we can get some weight on her before then. She has been in such a cuddly mood lately that all we did last Monday was sit on the recliner together. So not productive, but clearly what she needed...

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Say a little prayer

Finally the stress of getting all of the classes I need for the fall semester is over! The University opened another section and after a bit of jostling a couple classes around I'm in! While I'm not one to talk about God and prayer a lot (my faith is personal) there is something to be said for how much a little prayer can change things. Yesterday I said a little prayer asking God to please get me into this class and telling Him how important to me it was (I know it's a petty thing to ask, but if you don't ask will it happen?) and today I log on and there were two openings available. One was a class from 6pm to 8:45 once a week and the other was from 11am to 11:50 three times a week. I had to switch another class around and I will now get out of that class at 6:45 pm once a week but that's far better than 2 hours later.

Of course, this can be written off as coincidence, and it might just be; you can believe whatever you want. I'm not here to persuade you or change your views. However, for me this is a tiny bit of God's work and grace. Just an acknowledgement that I am on the right path and as long as I work my hardest I can do nothing but succeed. Don't we all need little reassurances on occasion?

The best part? I no longer have to go to school and bitch and whine in order to get into this course. I'm not too proud to do it, but you have no idea how much I loath it. Now if only a couple people would drop a Tuesday/Thursday class then I could switch things around again and get out a little earlier, but I'm not holding my breath!

The next step is dropping about $700 on books and that's after shopping around for better prices. I think buying textbooks is the worst part about going to school. While I hated SLU, I love that they rented out their books and the fee was built into your tuition. So easy and you're not shelling out so much for books!

I'm off to get some things done around the house, since I no longer have to sit at the computer refreshing the registration page!

Hope you're having a good day too!

Monday, August 13, 2012

The Cat move Part 2

If you missed it check out part one!

The next morning Tye packed the fish (which took 2-3 hours) and I wrangled the cats. In all of my cat owning days (Sophie is my first cat and she's four) I have never had a problem getting them in crates. Ivan was easy like always. I set his crate on the floor and in about 2 minutes he had his head in the crate and I pushed the rest in. I started with him so that he would be out of the way when I was getting Sophie in her crate. She was still pacing nervously and was completely avoiding me. I mean no eye contact and would make loops around the room and go out of her way to stay away from me and the open crate. She was restless and probably pretty set on the idea that she had no clue what we were doing but she wasn't leaving, end of story. In the end I had to catch her and shove her in the crate. It took me two tries to get her in since I was not expecting the fight the first time.

Once we were finally on the road everything was fine. Tye was driving the moving van and pulling the Mustang, while I drove the truck and pulled the BMW. I cannot be more thankful that we have cats that travel well. They stay in their crates so that we don't have to worry about them getting under our feet or near the pedals and other than some meowing they're fine with their confined spaces. We had a litter box in the car which we planned for them to use when we made pit-stops, but neither one was willing to use it and instead opted to pee on the towels in the bottom of their crates, which wasn't ideal but nothing that bleach can't clean.

Somehow we turned a 8.5 hour drive into an 11-12 hour drive and we were beat by the time we got to the house. But we placed the cats in the outdoor room so that they would be out of the way and we went about unpacking the truck (mainly so that we could get the mattress out).

A friend of Tye's came over to help us and brought his two children and they entertained Ivan (I think they entertained each other, he's a pretty fun cat when he's not getting into trouble) in one room while Sophie was put in another. Poor Sophie was not to excited to be locked up in one of the bedrooms and just wanted some attention and reassurance that everything was okay and her world had not fallen apart.

Part 3

Friday, August 10, 2012

Project 52! Thirty Two

Not So Sunny

This week it has rained every day, although some days the rain only lasts for maybe thirty minutes. And my view this week has pretty much been this, while I sit at the computer and try to get all things related to school squared away. Transferring schools is such a pain!

I got the idea for my Project 52 from Styleberry!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Cat Move Part 1

For the humans in the house the move was far from a fun event, but for the cats (one in particular) it was pretty much traumatizing...

Sophie always seems to be pretty attuned to things like packing bags and while she is displeased that we are abandoning her, she seems pretty aloof. Maybe I'm personifying her too much but she seems to understand that we're about to leave her alone for a bit with this little turd that probably eats more than his share of food (of course we're talking about Ivan). Ivan on the other hand just rolls with it. No matter what's going on, it never seems to matter much to him.

When we first started packing (seems like ages ago now) nothing in their main living area changed other than Sophie loosing her hide out room. And they didn't seem to care too much about what we were doing. But they were both pretty happy about the occasional empty box. On the real moving day when things started being removed from the house Ivan had to stay in the master bedroom so that he wouldn't sneak out of the house, while Sophie sat around and watched her little world fall apart.

Sophie sat in different spots in the living room and kitchen just watching as boxes were stacked in the living room and moved outside and then as the furniture was taken away. Probably the most traumatic part for her was when her foot stool and one of the cat towers was taken away. As the day wore on her stress level was probably rising while she maintained her seemingly aloof attitude. She never really showed her stress and didn't take it out on our friends who were helping us pack. Of course they didn't try to touch her and paid her as little attention as possible, which definitely helped. Once the truck was full and everyone left we let Ivan out (he couldn't have cared less about what had happened) and Sophie started pacing. I didn't see it then but this was the first real sign of the stress that she was feeling. We were tired and went to sleep since we had a long day ahead of us.


Don't forget part 2 & 3!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Project 52! Thirty One

King of the Castle

 Ivan has found his most favorite place in the house. Unfortunately it was short lived since we are now (possibly unsuccessfully) reintroducing the cats, which means that he is on the wrong side of the gate and doesn't have access to the ceiling perch. But he's as adaptable as ever and doesn't mind having the less fun side of the house. If only Sophie could adapt as well as Ivan we would be in such a different situation right now...

I got the idea for my Project 52 from Styleberry!