Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas Tea!

December always brings fun things to do with little ones and this year like the last, I went with my Mom and Grandmother to Teddy Bear Tea with my lovely niece, Roo! We had a wonderful time, and like most kids Roo was thrilled to get to see Santa, and what little girl doesn't want to hug an Ice Princess, and Rudolph! Rudolph did startle her a bit when he hugged her and swung her around a bit. At that point she was only okay with smiling and waving at him from a far. But the moment she saw Santa she wanted to take a picture with him, at least until we were about two feet away from him. That's when it all changed and she would not take a picture with him. So aunt Colleen had to jump in and take a picture with that precious girl. It did take a couple pictures for her to cheer up and smile for the camera. As a whole she had a blast, until she had here fill of cookies and sandwiches, and was tired and ready to go home. I can't blame her though she had a full day!  And the trip across the bridge is exhausting alone!

Like any good aunt we started the day off by downloading some  kid friendly games onto the tablet to give Roo something to do on the drive to the tea.

Checking out the gingerbread houses before the tea. 1'oclock teas are  great, but I think that we decided that next year we will bring a little snack, because this girl was starving! :)

After the tea we went back to my parent's house and decorated their Christmas tree. I think my Mom was pretty excited to have a little one decorating the tree.

Unfortuantely, I could only take pictures with my phone because I thought that I left my camera at home. However, it had actually fallen out of my purse and was in my car the entire time (I just found it yesterday).

Isn't she just precious! I should get to see her for Christmas too! I just love all of my nieces and nephew! And I cannot wait to meet both of my husband's nieces after Christmas! Only bummer is having to wait for this summer to meet Bug and Little Man's little sister who will enter the family next month! So many babies! It makes my heart happy!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Finally Done!

As this semester came to an end I was a bit overwhelmed with spending time with family and studying. There just hasn't been much time where I felt like blogging! So my Project 52 failed this year, but it was fun and I'm sure that I'll enjoy looking back at it. What a crazy year it has been! And while I might not have gotten exactly the grades that I wanted this semester, I did my best and that's all that I could do! Unfortunately, right now it looks like clinicals will have to wait another year, and even if this isn't ideal it gives me time to work on another post BSN option and my minors.

Now I'm going to enjoy a wonderful weekend with my husband and some cuddle time with Sophie, who is feeling a bit needy and cuddly at the moment! Have a great weekend!