Monday, December 16, 2013

What to do now?

What are my plans not that I am taking a mini hiatus from school until I am accepeted into the Nursing program?

1) Prep for and take the nursing programs entrance exam
2) Get a job. I started reworking my resume over the weekend and will be submitting them this week!
3) Clean this house! It really is quite a mess!
4) Get back to some serious dog training. With school taking so much out of me this semester I just have not been spending the time I would like training Klaus. I really want to get him CGC certified, but it's not going to happen with the way he behaves right now. (He's a rather well trained and well behaved dog, but I think his hormones are a bit overwhelming for him at the moment...)
5) Get my butt in shape! Also severely hindered by school.

I know that the Nursing Program will be really challenging and time consuming so if I can get ahead in these areas that have been lacking my attention for the past few months, them maybe I will be able to maintain once it's time for the fall semester to start again.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Because this week wasn't crazy enough

As you may know this week is finals week and I have been running rather low on sleep, but Ivan being the boisterous cat that he is has decided that I need a bit more excitement in my life this week. Or maybe he's just being overly obnoxious since his favorite human is not at home right now (Or because I wouldn't let him cuddle Tuesday night because he smelled like poop and I was too tired to bathe him...)

Tuesday morning, after three hours of sleep, I'm running through my first three Organic Chem tests (really glad that I did since the final was pretty much copy and pasted from the three previous tests, I also wish that I had just studies these tests...) and trying to get ready to leave. But in the living room I hear a ridiculous amount of noise and it sounds like Iva is literally bouncing off the walls. Then I hear Klaus about to vomit in his crate so I rush out of the bed room to get him outside as quickly as possible, but I'm not fest enough and he vomits on the carpet in the living room. At this point I realize that the baby gate in not only knocked over (it usually rests against the wall by the door to the master bedroom for easy access), but about six feet from the wall and broken. I have no clue how one cat could manage such a feat, but Klaus was locked in his crate so there was only one animal out there that could have done it. Also my little Christmas tree was knocked over, thankfully I had yet to find the ornaments for it so it was unharmed. After cleaning up the messes I made it out the door in plenty of time to get to class and I think I did pretty well on my final; I just might pull out a B in Organic!

Wednesday morning, I let a rather rambunctious Klaus in the back yard to play and Ivan decided that he wanted to play in the outdoor room, which he usually waits until after he has been fed, since that is usually his top priority. I went back in my room to start studying for Physics, and after about an hour I decided to let them in and feed them. The first thing I see is that the door from the outdoor room to outside is wide open, but Ivan is just hanging out on the generator (Thank goodness! I guess he figured that running away on an empty belly was not the best option.) Then I decide to feed Klaus first because he is being uncharacteristically rambunctious and excited, but as I fill his bowl in the garage Ivan runs in and hides under my car. I put Klaus in his crate with his food and try to coax Ivan out of the garage with the promise of food, but in the end (after ensuring that he hadn't wiggled his way into my car) I decided to go with the best and fastest way to get a cat out of the garage... I got my keys and stated the engine. Success! Then I fed him and he rubbed his head on my hand like "Oh, thanks! That was all I really wanted." Rotten cat! Truly I'm just thankful that he didn't try to run away or explore to far into the yard, whether it was his incessant hunger or the cold that stopped him...

Thankfully once I was able to come home and relax after my last final on Thursday I had the most well behaved animals! A relaxed human makes for relaxed pets!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Queen Sophie is Coming Back!

It's been almost a year and a half since we moved and Sophie had her seizure, but her little world hasn't really stopped changing! We got Klaus last February and had to maintain their separation, because Klaus was just to little to be trusted with her. Now he listens to commands perfectly (in the house) and Sophie has threatened to maul him on several occasions. But now they have an understanding Sophie will hiss and growl if Klaus gets within sight and will smack him around if he gets within range. And Klaus grumbles at her and hopes that she'll play with him, while running away in fear and completely flipping out if he catches her cuddling with one of his humans. (OH MY GOD! She's going to KILL you and I cannot save you!!!!!) But when Ivan is enjoying his Lizard hunting in the outdoor room and Klaus is barking his head off playing outside, Sophie comes out of the bedroom and graces us with her regal presence. She also likes to pretend that there are no rules for her and therefore it is perfectly acceptable to sleep on the kitchen table...

Last weekend I bought a calm collar to see of that will help her get along with the boys in the house. I haven't noticed much change yet, but we'll see. The packaging says that it could take two weeks. Hey, if it works then great, and if not, at least I tried. It would be nice to have them all relaxing in the living room... Hey a girl can dream!

Monday, December 9, 2013

One of the bast ways to spend the holidays!

About two months prior to Thanksgiving my husband and I decided to hop on to a vacation with my sister and her family. They had been planning to go to Disney World for Thanksgiving for almost a year and when it ended up just them going and my class schedule seemed to work out perfectly, we decided to spend Thanksgiving with them!

My sister decided to not tell her kids, so that it would be a complete surprise and on Wednesday we arrived just in time for our lunch reservation at Le Cellier in Epcot. Tye and I were walking up to the restaurant on the lookout for the kids and luckily we saw them first! I rushed over and grabbed Bug and freaked her out until she realized who I was! It was so great getting to see them! And they were probably a little too excited for some of the other people in the restaurant, but it is Disney... Oh and the food there was the best I had for the entire trip!

We did all four parks including Magic Kingdom on Thanksgiving, which we thought was going to be horrible! But with extra magic hours, fast passes, and some patients we got to ride just about everything we wanted to!

And the best part? My anti-Disney husband actually had a good time! For the two months leading up to the trip I had to keep my excitement in check, because he was sure that he was going to loath and despise every moment in the parks, but he didn't (I figured this would be the case). Now, he did wish that there were more exciting rides (he'd probably like Universal a lot better, and we'll likely go there at some point in the not too distant future), but he did suck it up and ride Winnie the Pooh for Bug and Little Man. The only thing he didn't ride that the rest of us did was It's a Small World, because honestly most adults can only handle so much of that ride and there was no reason to start Magic Kingdom off on a sour note!

My tip for very busy park days: prioritize and limit expectations! We expected wall-to-wall people and ridiculously long lines everywhere, but in the end we tried to hit as many rides as possible during extra magic hours (totally worth staying on grounds for during really busy days) and then prioritized our fast passes. And having kids that can't ride certain rides is kind of a plus, because with rider swap cards my niece was able to ride space mountain 4 times that day with the longest wait being 20 minutes, and she was pretty excited about that.

The only downside to the trip is that I hurt my achilles tendon at some point during the day at Magic Kingdom. On Friday my ankle hurt so bad that I was limping around Animal Kingdom, but the pain eventually subsided and I thought that it was better. But when I woke up on Saturday I realized that this was so not the case when I could hardly bend my foot enough to stand flat on it, which made for a lovely day at Hollywood Studios and an even better ride home (I couldn't even drive my part of the way home because my foot started shaking when I tried to engage the clutch...) But we rode all of the best rides and spent time with my family before they had to head out to catch their plane back to the other side of the country.

We had so much fun, but it would have been even better without injuries that I'm still not quite fully recovered from.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Not a good time to be Ivan

Ivan has a rough little life. He regularly finds his head in the mouth of his much larger, little brother. Sometimes I think that Ivan forgets that Klaus is so much larger than him. It's like he runs up to Klaus and then thinks, "I know I used to be bigger than you... How did you grow so much?!"

We recently had to put both cats on a diet and Sophie pretty much took it in stride, but Ivan was not pleased with the meager amounts of food that he was receiving (and still isn't). He routinely  gets caught eating food out of Klaus and Sophie's dishes. But last weekend he took it to a whole new level by hunting green lizards in our outdoor room. And like any good hunter he eats what he kills...

But then our ravenous little hunter stopped eating and was running a slight fever! So the next morning I dropped Ivan off at the vet where he was poked and prodded and X-rayed (looking for a blockage). It was determined that he has some inflammation in his stomach and likely in his pancreas and small intestine as well. So we were sent home with some pills and a little less cash in my bank account... But the shot (to increase appetite) and other medication seemed to do the trick, because his appetite was pretty close to normal by the next day!

With 5 of us in this house there's bound to be one that isn't feeling his or her best, I guess...

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Getting my butt kicked!

This semester has been kicking my butt! I had a wonderful plan and lofty goals (with a safe back-up plan, or reality in disguise), but after this rather difficult semester I have to head back to the reality path and I'm okay with that! Sometimes we have to take a step back and ask ourselves if what we are doing is good for us. And this time, for me, it wasn't. I wasn't happy. I was working out and feeling good, but I wasn't happy. I realized that this semester was crushing me! I was spending a large amount of time feeling like I was trapped on campus. At the start of the semester I though it would be wonderful because I could accomplish so much while stuck on campus. However, it turned out to be daunting and counter productive to spend time in a super quiet library, while wanting to strangle the guy who is snoring so loudly that I could hardly think...

Only a few weeks left, and then I can get my life back on track! And have a clean house again!!!!

Moral of the story: Always have a back up plan and if something that your working hard for doesn't make you happy then work hard for something else!

I have a 65 lb dog trying to climb into my lap because he wants a belly rub and some food!

Good night!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Prepping for school

Summer classes just ended and I am once again prepping for classes to begin again... I decided this semester to order all of my supplies from Staples and have them shipped to the house to avoid spending gas money to take a trip to civilization. And while they were not efficient with their shipments (One notebook in a box is ridiculous when they break up your order into three boxes...) I was nice to not have to drive to Staples and find what I needed. Plus who doesn't love opening boxes! They may be school supplies but it always feels a little like Christmas when I open a box! And who doesn't need a little extra excitement for the start of a new semester? I know I do, and maybe I'm crazy but I really like starting off fresh with new notebooks an maybe a new pen. I think it's just the idea of getting to start fresh for another semester's worth of learning.

Starting Monday I will begin taking Organic Chemistry I, Cell Biology, and Physics II all with their corresponding labs. And then at some point this semester I need to start studying for the TEAS test (nursing program entrance exam) and start volunteering at one of the hospitals in the area. I have mixed feelings about volunteering... I really want to get back into a hospital (I really miss fast paced work, that would be why my favorite jobs were morning rushes at Starbucks, holiday season at Bath & Body Works, and a busy ER at the hospital.) But On the other hand, the idea of working without getting paid just doesn't sound like much fun...

Tonight my plan is to find something to watch on Netflix or maybe read a bit more (I'm on my third book of my summer vacation and so loving having time to read more than 30 mins in bed before passing out for the night.) It is my last truly lazy day. No more sleeping in and relaxing almost all day. Tomorrow I am straightening and organizing my desk and school stuff (I have books that still need to be sold from the spring semester!) And then just some general home maintenance (for example, vacuum the floors so that the pet hair doesn't take over.)

I thought I'd leave you with a picture of Queen Sophie ruling over her kingdom on her throne of laundry.

And speaking of Sophie we have been making some serious socialization progress with the little prima donna, but I'll tell you about that next time!

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Puppy training

I have had a lot of success training Klaus. Thanks to youtube videos, a  Leerburg puppy training video, training classes at petsmart, and some basics that I knew how to teach before we go Klaus. He has some basics down perfectly! Sit, down, stay, come, leave it, drop it, go to your bed (a "place" command and a bit of a puppy time-out) , crate (for going into his kennel), go lay down (to leave us alone especially when we are eating in the living room and need him to get his nose away from our plates), and playing fetch. The commands "crate" and "go lay down" happened pretty easily I honestly can't tell you when those clicked for him or how long it took. The "crate" command just took us pointing to the crate and telling him to go in at night and when we would leave the hose. He spent a lot of time at in a crate at the vet's before we got him so crate training didn't really take much other than establishing the word. He has recently learned shake which I'm starting to regret, because when we are learning something new and he is uncertain of what I am asking of him he will start pawing at me, which is not ideal. But shake took him about 10 minutes to understand.

We have a tentative grasp on heel and to me this is a very important command for him to learn. I think we really went about it the wrong way in the beginning, and I'm not trying to bad mouth the positive training method we learned at petsmart. But when we were dealing with a puppy who loved to pull on walks it was recommended that we try a gentle leader head harness, but with a strong willed, intact male, German Shepherd puppy we went for walks and his head was constantly sideways and still pulled! All we were doing was destroying neck muscles and teaching him that walks were no fun! He would try to get away from me when I would bring out the head halter so that we could go for walks. So then one day I had had enough and bought a pinch/prong collar, and that was the best decision I made. We use it for corrections during training when he is being extra ornery and for walks and he whines at me when I don't get the collar on fast enough!

So we stopped using the heel command so that he would forget it for a while. He doesn't pull much with the pinch, but going to the dog park and going into petsmart are two major triggers for bad behavior, because he is just a puppy and can't wait to play with the other dogs. His favorite treats are usually helpful for getting him to focus on me (Wellness puppy treats, I like them because I can tear them into little chunks and they're healthy treats, He thinks they taste the best). But after watching this video I think I'm up for the challenge of starting fresh with heels. I start back to school on Monday and I really hope that we have made serious progress by then. I worked with him a bit last night and this morning and he acts like he just doesn't understand what I want, and that might be the case. But previous experience tells me that he just might be holding out on me and pretending to be dense. When I try again later today he will be wearing his collar (no correcting until I am positive that he knows what I'm asking for but the pinch helps him focus, because he knows I'm in control.) He's too darn smart sometimes and knows that he can play dumb and sometimes I'll believe it. I think he's realizing that the more he learns the more we expect him to do, rotten puppy!

Things that we are currently working on: perfect heel, and going to his bed when the door bell rings (we have decided that this will make deliveries and guest visits a much more relaxed experience! And if the individual on the other side of the door is unsavory all we have to do is use his release command and he'll be at the door in probably close to two seconds.)

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Where have I been?

This summer has been ridiculously crazy! Between taking two lectures and their corresponding labs as well as taking care of my menagerie of animals at home (still just the three but they are a handful), I just couldn't find the time. Or just didn't make time for it! I honestly wasn't sure that I'd some back to the blogging world, but today the mood to blog struck me, so here I am.

One summer semester down and six more semesters to go, thankfully this should be the last set of summer courses that I need to take! It was insane! 6 weeks of Physics and 9 weeks of Chemistry, it makes me thankful that I was able to pull off a 3.7 for the summer (the perfectionist in me wanted a 4.0, but reality won out.)

But the summer was not ruined by school, I did get to spend some much needed time with my sister and her family in July! It was wonderful, but heartbreaking! I miss those little ones so much, and I'm really hoping that  when they get orders to move next summer that it's much closer to where I am. I got to spend a total of 4 days with her and her children and I knew that it wouldn't be enough time to cuddle with all three, but I was able to have some special moments watching Singing in the Rain with Bug,cuddling with Em (the newest addition) while she napped, and listening to Little Man and Bug giggle and have fun in the back seat of my car when they rode with Tye and me the day of Em's christening. It's always the little moments that matter the most with little ones. :)

Then there's Klaus he's been learning a lot and getting big! But he's a bit of a pain when we go to PetSmart. He likes to bark at the other dogs a lot, and while it's all fun and games for him it's a bit embarrassing for the human... I'm sure he'll grow out of this stage but it's taking a while and it has put a halt to additional formal training. He finished his intermediate course, but we're waiting for him to mature a bit before we begin advanced. We'll get there it's just going to take some time.

Friday, May 10, 2013

He wants to be a cat?

Sometimes I truly think that Klaus wants to be a cat. As a large puppy and and even larger adult, having him on the furniture is just not going to happen. Plus the cats (mainly Ivan) needs to have the ability to escape when the puppy gets a little too rough or just doesn't want to leave them alone. Last night I was painting my nails while watching some shows on TV and as they were drying Klaus really wanted some petting. I know, the poor puppy just wanted some attention! Unfortunately, wet nails and dog fur just don't mix well. So he decided that he needed to cuddle with me and successfully got himself on the couch (this is quite a feet, because he's only tall enough that his head can rest comfortable on the seat of the couch.) Then today I'm on the computer in the office I hear this ruckus behind me in the other chair. I turn expecting Ivan to be in the office chair playing with Klaus who would likely have his front paws in the chair as well. Instead, I find Klaus curled up in the chair looking pretty pleased with himself. I then got up said "really?" and planned on grabbing my phone, but he was out of the chair before I took a step to the kitchen.

This is the I'm-so-pitiful-and-sad-Please-pet-me look. We get it all the time, and of course it works just about every  single time. I'm a sucker...

Sometimes I think that he either thinks that he is a cat or just really wants to be one. Although I guess I can't really blame him since the cats have far more freedom in this house than he does. They're likely a little jealous of him too, because I do like him a little more... I try to be equal, but honestly I'm just a dog person, but I do love my cats.

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

School's Out!

For the week... this may not be the most fun summer I've ever had, but I guess it can't be worse than the move of last summer. This little week off has been nice, but I'm back at it on Monday. One creature in the house who has enjoyed my week off more than any other is probably Sophie. Until this morning (maybe I've actually caught up on sleep?!?) I have stayed in bed until at least 9:30! I'd end up waking up around 8 or so and then read a bit because I just could manage to make myself leave the little ball of grey fluff that has been curled up next to me. This morning I just could not sleep past 7:30 and Sophie had yet t make her way to the bed, so she missed out on cuddle time.

Hey, she's comfy...

This week has been so needed and Klaus has really enjoyed being out of crate for the majority of the day. One oops of the week is that I did not get the house clean like I would have liked. I could have used one more week so that I'd have one to relax and then one to get things done around the house.

Today's agenda

Give the pup a bath. Trim cat claws. Trim Klaus' dew claws (I took him to the groomers in PetsMart for a trim last weekend, and clearly they missed the dew claws which I noticed after he scrapped the heck out of his nose three times this week...) Pack. Hit the road! This weekend my little brother is graduating from Highschool (he's the last one to leave the nest.) But my parents will be very busy moving and building a house so hopefully my mom won't have time to feel like her house is empty. Tye will be hanging back this weekend taking care of the creatures and getting a very rotten pup to obedience class

And again with the pitiful look

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Are You confused? Yeah, me too.

This semester is coming to a close, but not fast enough. Although I guess that would be partly my fault that I'm not closer to being done, it is really hard when you can put off the work for "filler classes" until the very end.The BIG problem is that I have a rather hefty Zoology final tomorrow, but have to finish a paper that I have been trying to hammer out ALL DAY! I'm fairly certain that I started it around eleven this morning and went from three quarters of a page in less than an hour to a little over a page almost 7 hours later. Lovely!

To be clear I can usually knock out a lit or comp paper in a few of hours including a bit of research, but this one is just hard to get a feel for. I feel like I just don't "get" this paper. It's a literature class and none of the options are on literature. I have the option of a silent movie or a couple of radio broadcasts. Why? Because we didn't read anything for the last quarter of the class! Ridiculous!

On the plus side my husband stole my computer chair, since his bit the dust and I've been spending the day wining about this paper while sitting on my balance ball. I guess if nothing else I've been working my abs while killing my brain and searching for sewing machines... (but that's for another post...)

Monday, April 22, 2013

In a Rut

I'm sure that I'm not the only person who has moments when they are in a rut. I think I've been slowly digging myself into a "trench" so to speak. The world is against me and I can't seem to catch a break. On Friday I took a test in Chemistry (not my best subject, but you wouldn't guess is by looking at the classes I will be taking throughout the next year.) Today I got the grade back and I truly thought that I had done better, but I got a C+ on it. And to me a C feels like the end of the world. I'm better than that! I can do better than that, dang it! After a bit of panic I began calculating my grade in my Chem class and based on my calculation guess what I have... An A. That's right, I'm sitting here panicking, because of one rotten grade and not looking at the whole. Thanks to the homework assignments and jumping at ever chance to get extra credit, I think I'll be able to pull off an A in Chemistry this semester!

This leads me to my "rut" as a whole.Yes, it likely has a lot to do with this semester coming to an end and all of the work and pressure that comes with impending final. However, it has made me really down (a kind of down that even a great workout high can't pull me out of for more than a few hours), and seeing the world around me in a pretty blah sort of way. Not a really good way to look at life in my opinion. Sometimes the thought that if you just fake it you'll feel it. Not the past week or so. But it comes down to looking at one part of life (school) and letting it bring you down, but then you look around and see that life isn't really that bad and that it's actually pretty great. I know that this is true but it takes a bit to climb out of the rut that you've dug yourself into.

If only life for a human was this easy and care free!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Getting closer...

Can it really be so close?!? In July we packed our house and moved to the sunny state of Florida! In August my sister and her family packed up their house and moved to the deserts of California. Between the tow moves I met Bug and Little man for one last bit of fun filled with kisses, hugs, and tears just waiting to see them again. Well it has been about 10 moths so far and it really has not gotten much easier to be so far away from them. When we were all living so close I don't think that I went a week without seeing them... But now I can just about start a count down, because they will be in Louisiana on the 4th of July and for about a week after that! Since I will be taking classes this summer the most I will get is about 4 days with some of my favorite people, and it will have to be enough to last for another 6 months to a year. Fortunately it is looking like they will be there for one to two more years top, and I can only hope that they will be moving closer!

So... Two months! I can do this! Then there will be no need to start balling every time I see a picture of them. I may or may not have started crying at the kitchen table of my mom's house while showing her old and new pictures of these precious children. Oh my, how I miss them!

Last year's 4th
I think part of me hoped that a certain black puppy would help to fill this void, but no matter how cute he is he cannot compare. Note to self: a lot of animals will never take the place of a child or person, so let's just keep the number at three furry creatures. Plus children are far less likely to bark at the neighbor's dog through the office window...

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A Bit of Easter

I don't know about you, but I just love holidays! Even when I don't get any extra time off of work or school, I just love them! Last weekend I went to visit my family and had a wonderful weekend! The only thing that would have made it better is if I had Tye and Klaus with me, but my now that my parents' dog passes they aren't too keen on having another in the house at the moment (my dad was a bit worried that a cute well behaved puppy would make my mom want one.)

On Friday I headed over to Louisiana after class, and other than hanging out with my mom and going grocery shopping with her, my evening was pretty boring. But on Saturday we got to see Roo for a while and went to check out the piece of property that my parents' new, where they are planning on building a beautiful new home! I can't wait! It's going to be so pretty when it's finished! Then we went for a little walk along the nature trail to see the bald eagle nest. I tried to get some pictures but they were pretty pathetic since the nest is so high up and I only had my phone.

Then it was back to the house to dye some eggs! We attempted to use food coloring and shaving cream (a pinterest experiment) and they were neat, but we had to modify it a bit.

In the end we decided that we used too many colors and you can't rinse them. But it was fun!

Sunday we went to my grandparents' house for a late lunch and after hanging out and catching up it was back to Florida for me!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

No Hubby, No TV, & Zombies

I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but for some reason when Tye isn't home I rarely if ever turn on the TV. So far this week I have had quite a bit of homework to do, especially since I'm going to visit my family this weekend and won't really have the time to work on my online class this weekend, therefore, it must get done by Thursday night. When he is home he'll turn on the TV and then leave the room and leave it on, and consequently I won't turn it off unless it's really bothering me. And the TV will just stay on all the time whether it is being watched or not. On the other hand, I just never turn it on, mainly because I know that I will find something that I need want to watch and I'll get sucked in. Since it has not been on I have yet to see any of the shows that I normally watch throughout the week (including The Walking Dead) and between Chemistry assignments I poked around briefly at pinterest and discovered a rather interesting part of Sunday's episode. All it took was one picture and I was so mad at myself. If I had just been doing my homework and not procrastinating with pinterest I would have gone to bed before 11:30 (remember I get up around 5:30 and am an 8hr per night kinda girl) and not learned a plot twist.

The worst part? We have been complaining about how nothing ever happens in the episodes of this show. I mean really! The last month or so we have been hanging on to this will they or won't they fight story line. Ridiculous! And the one time that something actually happens I have to see a spoiler... Oh well, at least I can count on Justified to be exciting this week!

Sorry for the TV talk. Back to the books for me!

And as I was walking through Target the other day to pick up some stuff I saw a precious little dress! I know that miss Roo is going to look adorable in it!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Sick Puppy

Two Sundays ago the day started out pretty normal and relaxed. After Klaus's bath he was cold and shivering so I decided to be an awesome pet parent and pulled out the heating pad covered by a towel to give him a warm spot to dry off. Unsurprisingly he was asleep not to long after he curled up on it. Fast forward quite a few hours and I realized that his was just lethargic and instead of having a morning nap. For the entire day he just moped around and slept. He wouldn't ask to go outside for a potty break; I had to make him get up and go outside with me. And once we came back in he was back on the towel. Along with the lethargy he wouldn't eat anything other than treats (the vet tech said, "Lucky pup! I'd love to lay around and eat ice cream all day!") Since my husband tells me that I overreact to animal malaise, I decided that I would let it go for the day, but if he was still not up to par by Monday we were making the trip to the vet. As the medically minded person that I am I monitored his heart rate and respiration rate (overreacting...) which were too high, and I waited. And spent almost the entire day sitting on the floor of the office next to him. Tye said made some comment about Klaus getting special treatment, but I reminded him that when Sophie had her seizure over the summer I spent the rest of the day cuddled in bed with my poor doped up kitty.

Doesn't he just look pitiful? And of course, Ivan was trying to squeeze onto the heating pad.

So Monday morning rolled around and at first I thought that maybe he was feeling better, but my 9am I realized that he was still pretty ill. And we were off to the vet, and on the way (in true Klaus style) he puked and it was so rancid (Ick!) But once there they checked his temp, which was at 105* and cooled him off a bit by soaking his paws in alcohol and running cool water on his belly. Then we were sent home and told to keep an eye on him. Of course, keeping an eye on him eventually involved donating the "human" oral thermometer to the pet health care supplies, because where that was going was never coming near my mouth again... After another cool bath at home his temperature began to fall. And if I ever find myself in a similar situation I will not hesitate to "overreact" and take a pup's temp (Sophie loves me but taking her temp would be my last option right below forcing her to go to the vet) because we were one degree away from a rather serious fever and who knows what his temp was on Sunday...

After wearing himself out on Tuesday morning. Puppies (like children) just don't understand that they shouldn't over do it a day after feeling poorly. :)

Thursday, March 7, 2013

What a Wild Week!

It's not over yet, but I'm so close to the end of this busy sleep deprived week! I have been waiting for Thursday (my mid-week class free day) so that I could finally catch up on some sleep! and spend some time working on the "stay" command with Klaus before class on Saturday. Plus I have BIG plans for getting back on a workout schedule to get in shape for swimsuit season, and as I live at the beach it's kind of a necessity (at least I think so)!

This week I just have not been able to get to bed before 11 (closer to 12 most nights), and when I'm waking up around 5:30 it makes for a rough day especially since I'm the type of person that really needs about eight hours of sleep. Then add in the alarm clock snoozing which I'm fairly certain drives my husband crazy, since he doesn't have to get up until 7 most days, and you have a not so thrilled house in the morning.

Hanging out at a local dog friendly outdoor shopping center.

On a plus note next week is spring break! It will likely be too cold for hitting the beach and even if it isn't the water will still be freezing. But I am in desperate need of a week to get ahead and relax and train Klaus. And maybe get a chance to take him to the local dog park so that he can get some more dog socialization, which will hopefully stop his excessive barking during training class.

I mentioned that we have been working on "stay" and Klaus is doing pretty good, but the odd thing is that he when I was working with him in the front yard yesterday he would allow me to walk to the other side of the street (a good 40-60 feet I think), but in the house I get maybe 10 feet away and he comes after me. Clearly we still need work, but any progress is good!

Now to go work out and take Klaus on a walk to practice loose leash walking! After week two of the puppy training class I have realized that he still has a lot to learn before we are ready for the intermediate or advanced class, but that's fine. At lease I know we're not paying them for nothing.

Another good thing is that I'll be heading to visit my parents for Easter weekend and I should get to see my little Roo! I haven't made it that way since Christmas! I miss her so much!!!!!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Playing catch up

I've been a busy little bee and have been neglectful with updating the blog. But to be honest, I've been enjoying life and studying my butt off and training a new puppy! I've been busy and I just haven't made the time to blog about life, because I've been living it!

Klaus: He's pretty much housebroken, but we do have the occasional accident. Thankfully all accidents have been of the number 1 variety! He's growing! Still on the small side, but we're making progress. When we were at the vet yesterday he weighed 15.8 lbs! He's gained almost 9 lbs in the past month, which is great. Last weekend we went to our first puppy training class and he did well. We are a bit ahead with his training, but he needs the socialiazation with other dogs so the puppy class is likely still the best choice for him. We train with Pets Mart, and I'm hoping that after the puppy class we can skip the intermediate and go straight for advanced, after a little break between the two. (Trying to save a bit of money that way.) The best part about the program at our Pets Mart is that at the end of the Advanced class you can get Canine Good Citizen certified, which is a good place to start for any other dog titles we may want to acheive with Klaus. I think that tomorrow we will be "learning" the sit command, which is going to likely bore Klaus, Tye, and me to tears. Plus, Klaus automatically sits between commands when we are training. I guess we can test his ability to focus when he's surrounded by other dogs that he really wants to play with. (Part of me hopes that th trainer decides that we should be in the intermediate class and bump us up into that class, but I don't think that's likely.)

Completely focused on the "sit" command!

Classes are going good, but the past couple weeks have been kicking my butt! There has been so much woork to do and so little time! And over these rugh weeks I have been very thankful for healthy canned soup, because we've had that or eaten out far too often. Thankfully, I have one more week until spring break and then I'll be able to take some time to get ahead again, because right now I feel like I'm floundering just to stay afloat! I have come to the conclusion that I might just have to accept that I might have to live with a "B" in Zoology, but I'm hoping that after spring break I'llbe ahead enough that I will be able to pull out an "A," here's to hoping!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Procrastinating always seems like a good idea...

...Until your butt is glued to the couch on Sunday while you try to get everything finished before midnight.

Yesterday I discovered that Klaus gets a bit car sick... He had a followup vet appointment on Saturday along with a puppy training class. On the way to the vet we went through the Starbucks drive through and as I'm sitting between a couple of cars I realize that the car smells like dog food and when I turn around I discover that Klaus has vomited in back seat (super thankful that we bought a seat cover). And like most dogs will do he proceeded to eat it and there was unable to do anything since I was stuck between the two cars and had no napkins. When I got to the window I asked the barista for some paper towels and said that I would come inside to pick up my drink. Always something... After talking to the vet Klaus will now be getting dramamine before all other car rides...

After we got back I headed out to spend the evening with some friends who will likely be moving back to this area!

Now I have to get back to my school work, so that Klaus doesn't spend the entire day stuck in his crate.

The plan for next weekend is not to put everything off until the weekend.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Never a Dull Moment

A phrase my Mom used a lot when we were growing up and with five children there truly was "never a dull moment." And with my cats and new puppy the same is inevitably true at my house as well. On Thursday of last week we had a little scare with Klaus he had a bit of an upset tummy and vomited 3 times (once in my car) and a bout of diarrhea. So we went to the vet just to check him out. He had an infection a few weeks ago so he's a bit small for his age and a tad toot skinny, so I was worried that he might loose weight that he could not afford to do without. The vet expressed similar concerns when we were there so she put him on some medicine to normalize everything and we have another appointment this weekend (which was already scheduled to get another round of shots and talk parasite prevention.) Thankfully, other than puking in my car he is a great travel buddy and slept most of the way there and back, which is great since it's about an hour drive to get to the vet we use.

 For the past week we have been fighting to get this house breaking down and just when I think we've got it we have an accident. For most of last week it was due to changes in routine and plain not paying attention on the part of the humans of the house. Since my husband was out of town for the first part of the week Klaus (yeah we changed the his name again but this time it's for good!) and I got into a bit of a routine and I was getting pretty good at identifying his "I need to GO!" signals. So when my husband got back we had a few setbacks since he was unfamiliar with the cues (they're pretty subtle.) But this weekend we were doing great. (And a BIG thank you to my hubby for taking the brunt of puppy duty this weekend while I studied and did a ton of school work! He's the best!) We were far more proactive which works out far better. This morning I was in a rush completely focused on one thing, getting ready and out the door so that I could get in some more study time for a big bad Zoology test today. And per usual I was letting Ivan and Klaus play while I got ready and then before I could get on some clothes after my shower I started seeing the "I need outside" signs. And I rushed tossing on jeans and a sweatshirt, but before I could get my sweatshirt over my head he pooped in the living room. BOOOOO! So I put him outside (alone, which induced barking, which I'm sure my neighbors and husband were thrilled with at 6am) and rushed to clean up the poop so that I could let him back in.

After fighting to just get out of the house and making it about a third of the way to campus I realized that I had left my wallet and needed gas. So back home I went to get my wallet and fill my tank. Unfortunately, I missed my first class, but my second class (which I was not prepared for, because I spent my time focusing on this test) was canceled. On the bright side this gave me the opportunity to get some really good studying in for the test, which I really needed!

Moral of the story? Even the days with the crummiest starts can end up pretty great! Just can't let the crud bring you down. Now time to rock this test and show it who's boss!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Cash and the Cats!

Believe it or not it took about 2 days to decide on a name for our puppy! I'm pretty shocked, but then again we were tossing around and throwing out options for about two weeks before we got the little guy. He is a 12 week old solid black German Shepherd and he is exactly what we were looking for! We expected him to be a bit larger when he got here, but I think him being just slightly smaller than the cats (for now) helped them feel a bit more comfortable with a puppy in their house.

As predicted Ivan was totally fine with our new addition! Within 30 minutes of Cash walking in the house he and Ivan were BFFs! The bromance has cooled off a bit since Sunday, as Ivan has now discovered that Cash has a bit more energy than him (I wasn't sure that anything had more energy than Ivan.) Plus Ivan now realizes that running around Cash means that he's going to be chased and it's made him a bit more mellow (always a good thing!) In the morning they can't get enough of each other, but as the day wears on they begin to keep to their own space a little more. I have to admit that I have a new love and respect for Ivan for taking to my Cash so well! I do, however, have to admit that since I have always been more of a dog person, I have to step back and remember that Ivan still needs his share of love and cuddles.

About 10 minutes together

Now Sophie isn't as easily won over as Ivan, and I really didn't have very high expectations. So on Sunday I took Cash into Sophie's part of the house and she was pissed (totally expected) but she quickly realized that 1. he could not reach her even on her foot stool (this will change but by then he should know to just leave her alone) 2. if she doesn't want to play with him then he really doesn't want to play with her. On Sunday there was a ton of hissing and spitting, but now she just hisses to remind him to keep his distance. Unfortunately, she's not quite confident enough to relax around him. I can only hope that this will change with time. Also, I have a hard time giving Sophie time with Cash because he sometimes cries at the baby gates for Ivan (it's pretty cute.)

Ivan is so glad that we got him a new toy (and I'm not talking about the bear in Cash's mouth).
It's a bad picture but that's Sophie cautiously watching the boys play.
On Monday I took a huge step and allowed all three animals in the living room (Sophie's territory). I started with just Sophie and Cash. It was going rather well with Sophie on the back of the love-seat and Cash not paying any attention to her. And then I brought in Ivan. Ivan was far more concerned with what Cash was doing than with antagonizing Sophie, so she was not bothered. Then I had to take Cash out for a potty break. When we came back in the house, Sophie was on the floor sniffing around and Ivan was on the cat tower. Sophie saw Cash and decided that she needed to get up some where fast. Panicked, she darted back to the love-seat and Ivan's prey drive kicked in and he chased after her. Sophie panics even more and I catch Ivan just before he pounces and put him back on his side of the gate. I haven't tried it again, but I now realize that Cash is the distraction between the two very intense cats. This was the hope when we started talking about getting a dog.

Meet our peace keeping puppy Cash!

Much more fun to come! And hopefully one day in the not too distant future I will be able to have all three of my fur babies calm and relaxed in a room together. A girl can dream!