Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Cash and the Cats!

Believe it or not it took about 2 days to decide on a name for our puppy! I'm pretty shocked, but then again we were tossing around and throwing out options for about two weeks before we got the little guy. He is a 12 week old solid black German Shepherd and he is exactly what we were looking for! We expected him to be a bit larger when he got here, but I think him being just slightly smaller than the cats (for now) helped them feel a bit more comfortable with a puppy in their house.

As predicted Ivan was totally fine with our new addition! Within 30 minutes of Cash walking in the house he and Ivan were BFFs! The bromance has cooled off a bit since Sunday, as Ivan has now discovered that Cash has a bit more energy than him (I wasn't sure that anything had more energy than Ivan.) Plus Ivan now realizes that running around Cash means that he's going to be chased and it's made him a bit more mellow (always a good thing!) In the morning they can't get enough of each other, but as the day wears on they begin to keep to their own space a little more. I have to admit that I have a new love and respect for Ivan for taking to my Cash so well! I do, however, have to admit that since I have always been more of a dog person, I have to step back and remember that Ivan still needs his share of love and cuddles.

About 10 minutes together

Now Sophie isn't as easily won over as Ivan, and I really didn't have very high expectations. So on Sunday I took Cash into Sophie's part of the house and she was pissed (totally expected) but she quickly realized that 1. he could not reach her even on her foot stool (this will change but by then he should know to just leave her alone) 2. if she doesn't want to play with him then he really doesn't want to play with her. On Sunday there was a ton of hissing and spitting, but now she just hisses to remind him to keep his distance. Unfortunately, she's not quite confident enough to relax around him. I can only hope that this will change with time. Also, I have a hard time giving Sophie time with Cash because he sometimes cries at the baby gates for Ivan (it's pretty cute.)

Ivan is so glad that we got him a new toy (and I'm not talking about the bear in Cash's mouth).
It's a bad picture but that's Sophie cautiously watching the boys play.
On Monday I took a huge step and allowed all three animals in the living room (Sophie's territory). I started with just Sophie and Cash. It was going rather well with Sophie on the back of the love-seat and Cash not paying any attention to her. And then I brought in Ivan. Ivan was far more concerned with what Cash was doing than with antagonizing Sophie, so she was not bothered. Then I had to take Cash out for a potty break. When we came back in the house, Sophie was on the floor sniffing around and Ivan was on the cat tower. Sophie saw Cash and decided that she needed to get up some where fast. Panicked, she darted back to the love-seat and Ivan's prey drive kicked in and he chased after her. Sophie panics even more and I catch Ivan just before he pounces and put him back on his side of the gate. I haven't tried it again, but I now realize that Cash is the distraction between the two very intense cats. This was the hope when we started talking about getting a dog.

Meet our peace keeping puppy Cash!

Much more fun to come! And hopefully one day in the not too distant future I will be able to have all three of my fur babies calm and relaxed in a room together. A girl can dream!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

New littles ones!

On Monday my family was lucky enough to welcome a new little girl into the world! My sister had her third and on here we'll call her Em. Bug and Little Man are loving there little sister and Lacie is doing great. She may or may not have conveniently forgotten that newborns aren't crazy about sleeping, but Em will get the hang of it! Unfortunately, since they are currently living on the West Coast I have yet to see this little one yet (I think by now we have established that I love babies!) and might not get to meet her until they all come in for a visit at the end of June (EEK!)

The few pictures I've seen (sleep deprived mommies don't have a lot of time for Facebook ;)) she is precious and doesn't seem to look just like her siblings, who happen to look almost exactly alike! And  a little variety is a good thing!

As always, I'm going back to studying and probably haven't gotten in as much as I should have today since tomorrow I'll be a bit distracted by a cute black fluff ball! So off to turn stuff in before the deadline gets too close!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Found a Puppy!

Towards the end of last week I had thought that I found the perfect puppy. Unfortunately, (or so I though) he found his "forever home" with another family. I was a bit crushed. But over the past few days I have spent my time hunting for another pup and convincing a certain someone that a puppy right now is a good idea. Or at the very least that I really really wanted one. And after a weekend of searching for the right breeder with the right price and a puppy that was available with in the next two weeks, I found him! Now there is no turning back! Yesterday we placed a deposit on the puppy and purchased a slew of new puppy things (for the record they require a ton of stuff). There are still a few things that we need like a harness because I didn't want to buy it and not have it fit properly (it is really hard to decide on the right size for collars and harnesses when you haven't seen the puppy and have to guess on the size.)

Like the puppy in my last post the one we will be getting (next weekend or early next week) is an all black, male, German Shepherd. He is about 9 weeks old and should still be small enough to not completely freak out the cats. But in all honesty Sophie will likely flip out (It has been well over 4 years since she has been around a dog), and Ivan will likely be thrilled to have a friend to play with. In the end I think that Sophie will like the puppy better than Ivan as the puppy will be very well trained and learn to leave her alone! (Ivan is hopeless in that regard.)

Can't wait to share pictures and training plans! Now I have to work on Chemistry.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

High hopes and smashed dreams...

Around 3pm:
I was given the go ahead and have sent out various emails to adopt a 3 month old all black German Shepherd puppy! Now I have to sit and wait for email responses. The the waiting is the hardest part! I cannot wait to add this cute puppy do our fur family!!!!!

Isn't he handsome?!?!?!

Once we know if he will get to come home with us we will start trying to come up with names. Unfortunately this is not a quick process for us. Ivan went without a name for a couple weeks while we called him Cat 2, and Sophie was Kitty for about the same if not a bit longer. But in the end their names fit them perfectly... Ivan the Terrible and Sweet Sophie (well at least to me and Tye she's sweet...)

At about 8pm:
I finally got an email back from the adoption organization and that handsome pup has already been adopted.I'm pretty bummed and may or may not have cried... I know it's silly but gosh he just seemed perfect and just waiting for me to scoop him up and take him home. All I can hope is that whomever is now his owner is cuddled up with him right now and is giving him lots of love and attention. We would have had such fun together... But it's not the end of the world, there are plenty of German Shepherds and Doberman Pinschers out there and we will find our perfect puppy.

Tye was pretty bummed too (not to the point that I was) and while he was all "If this is what you want then I'm not going to say no." he got just as excited as I did when I decided that we were getting a puppy. And we will be getting one and soon. If we keep putting it off then there will always be a reason to not get a dog. So once we decide (or the landlord decides for us) between a GSD or Dobie then we'll pick a breeder.

Well BOOOO I really liked him...

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Three weeks of BLISS!

Three weeks was all the time that I had off for Christmas break and boy did I make the most of every day! And in the end it felt like a much longer break than I thought it would. And while the blog has been pretty quite I have been busy! The first week I pretty much relaxed and made sure that all of my classes were scheduled just the way I wanted and ordered books (Nothing terribly exciting, but sometimes that's exactly what I need!) Then Christmas hit and were were off running! We spent a few days at my parent's house and enjoyed seeing Little Miss Roo on Christmas day and spending time with my family. My mom always fixes a wonderful early Christmas dinner with Goose, oyster dressing (a Louisiana staple as far as I'm concerned), shrimp bisque (also a staple), broccoli casserole, baked apples, and red velvet cake all on the menu! So yummy, well except for the apples they just aren't my thing. Then on the 26th we headed home for a couple days to let the kitties know that we didn't abandon them, refresh their food and water supply, wash clothes, repack, relax, and head back out! Then we were off to Arkansas to visit with Tye's family and meet his two nieces for second Christmas/New Years. While we may not have done anything exciting we did get to cuddle some precious babies! And we were in bed by 11pm on New Years Eve (I know, how exciting.) But getting up and over to my sister-in-laws house to cuddle babies is so much better in my opionion!

Isn't she just precious!?!

Don't let the picture fool you we were having a blast!

These two girls made the long drive so worth it! And I miss them already!

And now I'm working on another semester of school and super busy. But there are still exciting things to come! Life surely isn't slowing down! And I think 2013 is going to be a great year and soon Little Man and Bug will have a new baby sister! Baby girls are taking over the family! :)