Wednesday, March 27, 2013

No Hubby, No TV, & Zombies

I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but for some reason when Tye isn't home I rarely if ever turn on the TV. So far this week I have had quite a bit of homework to do, especially since I'm going to visit my family this weekend and won't really have the time to work on my online class this weekend, therefore, it must get done by Thursday night. When he is home he'll turn on the TV and then leave the room and leave it on, and consequently I won't turn it off unless it's really bothering me. And the TV will just stay on all the time whether it is being watched or not. On the other hand, I just never turn it on, mainly because I know that I will find something that I need want to watch and I'll get sucked in. Since it has not been on I have yet to see any of the shows that I normally watch throughout the week (including The Walking Dead) and between Chemistry assignments I poked around briefly at pinterest and discovered a rather interesting part of Sunday's episode. All it took was one picture and I was so mad at myself. If I had just been doing my homework and not procrastinating with pinterest I would have gone to bed before 11:30 (remember I get up around 5:30 and am an 8hr per night kinda girl) and not learned a plot twist.

The worst part? We have been complaining about how nothing ever happens in the episodes of this show. I mean really! The last month or so we have been hanging on to this will they or won't they fight story line. Ridiculous! And the one time that something actually happens I have to see a spoiler... Oh well, at least I can count on Justified to be exciting this week!

Sorry for the TV talk. Back to the books for me!

And as I was walking through Target the other day to pick up some stuff I saw a precious little dress! I know that miss Roo is going to look adorable in it!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Sick Puppy

Two Sundays ago the day started out pretty normal and relaxed. After Klaus's bath he was cold and shivering so I decided to be an awesome pet parent and pulled out the heating pad covered by a towel to give him a warm spot to dry off. Unsurprisingly he was asleep not to long after he curled up on it. Fast forward quite a few hours and I realized that his was just lethargic and instead of having a morning nap. For the entire day he just moped around and slept. He wouldn't ask to go outside for a potty break; I had to make him get up and go outside with me. And once we came back in he was back on the towel. Along with the lethargy he wouldn't eat anything other than treats (the vet tech said, "Lucky pup! I'd love to lay around and eat ice cream all day!") Since my husband tells me that I overreact to animal malaise, I decided that I would let it go for the day, but if he was still not up to par by Monday we were making the trip to the vet. As the medically minded person that I am I monitored his heart rate and respiration rate (overreacting...) which were too high, and I waited. And spent almost the entire day sitting on the floor of the office next to him. Tye said made some comment about Klaus getting special treatment, but I reminded him that when Sophie had her seizure over the summer I spent the rest of the day cuddled in bed with my poor doped up kitty.

Doesn't he just look pitiful? And of course, Ivan was trying to squeeze onto the heating pad.

So Monday morning rolled around and at first I thought that maybe he was feeling better, but my 9am I realized that he was still pretty ill. And we were off to the vet, and on the way (in true Klaus style) he puked and it was so rancid (Ick!) But once there they checked his temp, which was at 105* and cooled him off a bit by soaking his paws in alcohol and running cool water on his belly. Then we were sent home and told to keep an eye on him. Of course, keeping an eye on him eventually involved donating the "human" oral thermometer to the pet health care supplies, because where that was going was never coming near my mouth again... After another cool bath at home his temperature began to fall. And if I ever find myself in a similar situation I will not hesitate to "overreact" and take a pup's temp (Sophie loves me but taking her temp would be my last option right below forcing her to go to the vet) because we were one degree away from a rather serious fever and who knows what his temp was on Sunday...

After wearing himself out on Tuesday morning. Puppies (like children) just don't understand that they shouldn't over do it a day after feeling poorly. :)

Thursday, March 7, 2013

What a Wild Week!

It's not over yet, but I'm so close to the end of this busy sleep deprived week! I have been waiting for Thursday (my mid-week class free day) so that I could finally catch up on some sleep! and spend some time working on the "stay" command with Klaus before class on Saturday. Plus I have BIG plans for getting back on a workout schedule to get in shape for swimsuit season, and as I live at the beach it's kind of a necessity (at least I think so)!

This week I just have not been able to get to bed before 11 (closer to 12 most nights), and when I'm waking up around 5:30 it makes for a rough day especially since I'm the type of person that really needs about eight hours of sleep. Then add in the alarm clock snoozing which I'm fairly certain drives my husband crazy, since he doesn't have to get up until 7 most days, and you have a not so thrilled house in the morning.

Hanging out at a local dog friendly outdoor shopping center.

On a plus note next week is spring break! It will likely be too cold for hitting the beach and even if it isn't the water will still be freezing. But I am in desperate need of a week to get ahead and relax and train Klaus. And maybe get a chance to take him to the local dog park so that he can get some more dog socialization, which will hopefully stop his excessive barking during training class.

I mentioned that we have been working on "stay" and Klaus is doing pretty good, but the odd thing is that he when I was working with him in the front yard yesterday he would allow me to walk to the other side of the street (a good 40-60 feet I think), but in the house I get maybe 10 feet away and he comes after me. Clearly we still need work, but any progress is good!

Now to go work out and take Klaus on a walk to practice loose leash walking! After week two of the puppy training class I have realized that he still has a lot to learn before we are ready for the intermediate or advanced class, but that's fine. At lease I know we're not paying them for nothing.

Another good thing is that I'll be heading to visit my parents for Easter weekend and I should get to see my little Roo! I haven't made it that way since Christmas! I miss her so much!!!!!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Playing catch up

I've been a busy little bee and have been neglectful with updating the blog. But to be honest, I've been enjoying life and studying my butt off and training a new puppy! I've been busy and I just haven't made the time to blog about life, because I've been living it!

Klaus: He's pretty much housebroken, but we do have the occasional accident. Thankfully all accidents have been of the number 1 variety! He's growing! Still on the small side, but we're making progress. When we were at the vet yesterday he weighed 15.8 lbs! He's gained almost 9 lbs in the past month, which is great. Last weekend we went to our first puppy training class and he did well. We are a bit ahead with his training, but he needs the socialiazation with other dogs so the puppy class is likely still the best choice for him. We train with Pets Mart, and I'm hoping that after the puppy class we can skip the intermediate and go straight for advanced, after a little break between the two. (Trying to save a bit of money that way.) The best part about the program at our Pets Mart is that at the end of the Advanced class you can get Canine Good Citizen certified, which is a good place to start for any other dog titles we may want to acheive with Klaus. I think that tomorrow we will be "learning" the sit command, which is going to likely bore Klaus, Tye, and me to tears. Plus, Klaus automatically sits between commands when we are training. I guess we can test his ability to focus when he's surrounded by other dogs that he really wants to play with. (Part of me hopes that th trainer decides that we should be in the intermediate class and bump us up into that class, but I don't think that's likely.)

Completely focused on the "sit" command!

Classes are going good, but the past couple weeks have been kicking my butt! There has been so much woork to do and so little time! And over these rugh weeks I have been very thankful for healthy canned soup, because we've had that or eaten out far too often. Thankfully, I have one more week until spring break and then I'll be able to take some time to get ahead again, because right now I feel like I'm floundering just to stay afloat! I have come to the conclusion that I might just have to accept that I might have to live with a "B" in Zoology, but I'm hoping that after spring break I'llbe ahead enough that I will be able to pull out an "A," here's to hoping!