Friday, May 10, 2013

He wants to be a cat?

Sometimes I truly think that Klaus wants to be a cat. As a large puppy and and even larger adult, having him on the furniture is just not going to happen. Plus the cats (mainly Ivan) needs to have the ability to escape when the puppy gets a little too rough or just doesn't want to leave them alone. Last night I was painting my nails while watching some shows on TV and as they were drying Klaus really wanted some petting. I know, the poor puppy just wanted some attention! Unfortunately, wet nails and dog fur just don't mix well. So he decided that he needed to cuddle with me and successfully got himself on the couch (this is quite a feet, because he's only tall enough that his head can rest comfortable on the seat of the couch.) Then today I'm on the computer in the office I hear this ruckus behind me in the other chair. I turn expecting Ivan to be in the office chair playing with Klaus who would likely have his front paws in the chair as well. Instead, I find Klaus curled up in the chair looking pretty pleased with himself. I then got up said "really?" and planned on grabbing my phone, but he was out of the chair before I took a step to the kitchen.

This is the I'm-so-pitiful-and-sad-Please-pet-me look. We get it all the time, and of course it works just about every  single time. I'm a sucker...

Sometimes I think that he either thinks that he is a cat or just really wants to be one. Although I guess I can't really blame him since the cats have far more freedom in this house than he does. They're likely a little jealous of him too, because I do like him a little more... I try to be equal, but honestly I'm just a dog person, but I do love my cats.

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School's Out!

For the week... this may not be the most fun summer I've ever had, but I guess it can't be worse than the move of last summer. This little week off has been nice, but I'm back at it on Monday. One creature in the house who has enjoyed my week off more than any other is probably Sophie. Until this morning (maybe I've actually caught up on sleep?!?) I have stayed in bed until at least 9:30! I'd end up waking up around 8 or so and then read a bit because I just could manage to make myself leave the little ball of grey fluff that has been curled up next to me. This morning I just could not sleep past 7:30 and Sophie had yet t make her way to the bed, so she missed out on cuddle time.

Hey, she's comfy...

This week has been so needed and Klaus has really enjoyed being out of crate for the majority of the day. One oops of the week is that I did not get the house clean like I would have liked. I could have used one more week so that I'd have one to relax and then one to get things done around the house.

Today's agenda

Give the pup a bath. Trim cat claws. Trim Klaus' dew claws (I took him to the groomers in PetsMart for a trim last weekend, and clearly they missed the dew claws which I noticed after he scrapped the heck out of his nose three times this week...) Pack. Hit the road! This weekend my little brother is graduating from Highschool (he's the last one to leave the nest.) But my parents will be very busy moving and building a house so hopefully my mom won't have time to feel like her house is empty. Tye will be hanging back this weekend taking care of the creatures and getting a very rotten pup to obedience class

And again with the pitiful look

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Are You confused? Yeah, me too.

This semester is coming to a close, but not fast enough. Although I guess that would be partly my fault that I'm not closer to being done, it is really hard when you can put off the work for "filler classes" until the very end.The BIG problem is that I have a rather hefty Zoology final tomorrow, but have to finish a paper that I have been trying to hammer out ALL DAY! I'm fairly certain that I started it around eleven this morning and went from three quarters of a page in less than an hour to a little over a page almost 7 hours later. Lovely!

To be clear I can usually knock out a lit or comp paper in a few of hours including a bit of research, but this one is just hard to get a feel for. I feel like I just don't "get" this paper. It's a literature class and none of the options are on literature. I have the option of a silent movie or a couple of radio broadcasts. Why? Because we didn't read anything for the last quarter of the class! Ridiculous!

On the plus side my husband stole my computer chair, since his bit the dust and I've been spending the day wining about this paper while sitting on my balance ball. I guess if nothing else I've been working my abs while killing my brain and searching for sewing machines... (but that's for another post...)