Saturday, December 14, 2013

Because this week wasn't crazy enough

As you may know this week is finals week and I have been running rather low on sleep, but Ivan being the boisterous cat that he is has decided that I need a bit more excitement in my life this week. Or maybe he's just being overly obnoxious since his favorite human is not at home right now (Or because I wouldn't let him cuddle Tuesday night because he smelled like poop and I was too tired to bathe him...)

Tuesday morning, after three hours of sleep, I'm running through my first three Organic Chem tests (really glad that I did since the final was pretty much copy and pasted from the three previous tests, I also wish that I had just studies these tests...) and trying to get ready to leave. But in the living room I hear a ridiculous amount of noise and it sounds like Iva is literally bouncing off the walls. Then I hear Klaus about to vomit in his crate so I rush out of the bed room to get him outside as quickly as possible, but I'm not fest enough and he vomits on the carpet in the living room. At this point I realize that the baby gate in not only knocked over (it usually rests against the wall by the door to the master bedroom for easy access), but about six feet from the wall and broken. I have no clue how one cat could manage such a feat, but Klaus was locked in his crate so there was only one animal out there that could have done it. Also my little Christmas tree was knocked over, thankfully I had yet to find the ornaments for it so it was unharmed. After cleaning up the messes I made it out the door in plenty of time to get to class and I think I did pretty well on my final; I just might pull out a B in Organic!

Wednesday morning, I let a rather rambunctious Klaus in the back yard to play and Ivan decided that he wanted to play in the outdoor room, which he usually waits until after he has been fed, since that is usually his top priority. I went back in my room to start studying for Physics, and after about an hour I decided to let them in and feed them. The first thing I see is that the door from the outdoor room to outside is wide open, but Ivan is just hanging out on the generator (Thank goodness! I guess he figured that running away on an empty belly was not the best option.) Then I decide to feed Klaus first because he is being uncharacteristically rambunctious and excited, but as I fill his bowl in the garage Ivan runs in and hides under my car. I put Klaus in his crate with his food and try to coax Ivan out of the garage with the promise of food, but in the end (after ensuring that he hadn't wiggled his way into my car) I decided to go with the best and fastest way to get a cat out of the garage... I got my keys and stated the engine. Success! Then I fed him and he rubbed his head on my hand like "Oh, thanks! That was all I really wanted." Rotten cat! Truly I'm just thankful that he didn't try to run away or explore to far into the yard, whether it was his incessant hunger or the cold that stopped him...

Thankfully once I was able to come home and relax after my last final on Thursday I had the most well behaved animals! A relaxed human makes for relaxed pets!

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