Saturday, December 7, 2013

Not a good time to be Ivan

Ivan has a rough little life. He regularly finds his head in the mouth of his much larger, little brother. Sometimes I think that Ivan forgets that Klaus is so much larger than him. It's like he runs up to Klaus and then thinks, "I know I used to be bigger than you... How did you grow so much?!"

We recently had to put both cats on a diet and Sophie pretty much took it in stride, but Ivan was not pleased with the meager amounts of food that he was receiving (and still isn't). He routinely  gets caught eating food out of Klaus and Sophie's dishes. But last weekend he took it to a whole new level by hunting green lizards in our outdoor room. And like any good hunter he eats what he kills...

But then our ravenous little hunter stopped eating and was running a slight fever! So the next morning I dropped Ivan off at the vet where he was poked and prodded and X-rayed (looking for a blockage). It was determined that he has some inflammation in his stomach and likely in his pancreas and small intestine as well. So we were sent home with some pills and a little less cash in my bank account... But the shot (to increase appetite) and other medication seemed to do the trick, because his appetite was pretty close to normal by the next day!

With 5 of us in this house there's bound to be one that isn't feeling his or her best, I guess...

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