Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Queen Sophie is Coming Back!

It's been almost a year and a half since we moved and Sophie had her seizure, but her little world hasn't really stopped changing! We got Klaus last February and had to maintain their separation, because Klaus was just to little to be trusted with her. Now he listens to commands perfectly (in the house) and Sophie has threatened to maul him on several occasions. But now they have an understanding Sophie will hiss and growl if Klaus gets within sight and will smack him around if he gets within range. And Klaus grumbles at her and hopes that she'll play with him, while running away in fear and completely flipping out if he catches her cuddling with one of his humans. (OH MY GOD! She's going to KILL you and I cannot save you!!!!!) But when Ivan is enjoying his Lizard hunting in the outdoor room and Klaus is barking his head off playing outside, Sophie comes out of the bedroom and graces us with her regal presence. She also likes to pretend that there are no rules for her and therefore it is perfectly acceptable to sleep on the kitchen table...

Last weekend I bought a calm collar to see of that will help her get along with the boys in the house. I haven't noticed much change yet, but we'll see. The packaging says that it could take two weeks. Hey, if it works then great, and if not, at least I tried. It would be nice to have them all relaxing in the living room... Hey a girl can dream!

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