Monday, December 16, 2013

What to do now?

What are my plans not that I am taking a mini hiatus from school until I am accepeted into the Nursing program?

1) Prep for and take the nursing programs entrance exam
2) Get a job. I started reworking my resume over the weekend and will be submitting them this week!
3) Clean this house! It really is quite a mess!
4) Get back to some serious dog training. With school taking so much out of me this semester I just have not been spending the time I would like training Klaus. I really want to get him CGC certified, but it's not going to happen with the way he behaves right now. (He's a rather well trained and well behaved dog, but I think his hormones are a bit overwhelming for him at the moment...)
5) Get my butt in shape! Also severely hindered by school.

I know that the Nursing Program will be really challenging and time consuming so if I can get ahead in these areas that have been lacking my attention for the past few months, them maybe I will be able to maintain once it's time for the fall semester to start again.

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