Wednesday, January 8, 2014

War Brides

I just finished a book that I have been reading on and off for a few months. Not the books fault I just had other stuff going on and my Kindle wasn't liking the non-Kindle format of PDF... So I would read some of it and start another book or decide that school was far more important (it was!). Now I have finally finished it and I really enjoyed it! There were a few questions or plot points that weren't really tied up in the end, but that kind of came down to the reality of WWII.

War Brides by Helen Bryan is about five women who all meet in a small town in England and get married (the book is called War Brides, so I don't think I'm giving anything away there...) during WWII. It paints a picture of what life was like for women in England during the war, and the strength that they had to have to survive and help others in their community. All five women come from very different backgrounds, including a young woman, Evangeline, from New Orleans who meets and marries a British Naval Officer under some rather interesting circumstances.

I cannot say enough good things about it! I highly recommend it!

I have a rather lengthy list of books that I would like to tackle before I start taking classes again in the fall! Hopefully I can get through them all!

With this book I began reading it without knowing anything about the story, which I prefer and likely why I give so little of the plot away.