Here are a list of Characters regularly mentioned around here. Please note that the names of the little ones have been changed for their protection.

  • Tye- My wonderful Husband. This blog started to chronicle our trip to the alter. We were engaged on August 30, 2010 (Tye deployed a few days later) and we got married April 2, 2011. (And no there isn't a wedding post... Oops!)

  • Sophie- Our cat and first pet. She may not like anyone else but Tye and me, but we're okay with that. 

  • Ivan- Our second addition and maybe not the most thought out decision, but we love him even if he loves trouble, and picks on Sophie. Plus he's so darn cute.

  • Lacie- My older sister and BFF!

  • Bug- My niece and goddaughter. Lacie's daughter
Age 6
  • Little Man- Bug's little brother. They look a bit alike...
About a month from his 2nd Birthday
  • Roo- My niece
Age 3

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